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10 Things to do immediately after starting a new blog | blogging for Beginners

You have started a new blog, what to do now?

This might be the most common question in new bloggers mind.

Registered a domain, bought a hosting and installed wordpress, you blog is live  now confusion is what to do next.

Don’t worry i have got you covered.                         

In this article I will talk about 10 such things a new blogger should do immediately after starting a new blog.

But fist let me convince you to start a blog if haven’t started yet.

Why should you start a blog.

Blogging can improve your writing skills

You can share your skills with the world with blogging

Blogging can help you to build your online brand

Blogging is your own online business to make money online

Meet new people.

Blogging can help you to grow your business and reach more potential customers.


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10 Things to do immediately after starting a blog

1. Change you blog’s theme

The theme is you blogs interface and it should be simple and attractive at the same time.

When your blog gets live you may find it very simple and boring

After visiting lot of fancy websites and beautiful blogs you will find it uncomfortable at first.

But you should not worry about that because even the most beautiful website in the world looked like that when it was started.

So, to make things better you have to install a theme which goes with your niche and looks professional.

There are a lot of free themes which you can find on your dashboard’s- appearance>theme>add new, section and install it on your blog.

Now, if you have some more cash to spend.

I will recommend you to get a paid theme like generate press which comes with a lot of feature and it becomes much easier to create a beautiful looking blog with a paid theme.

2. Install Important Plugins

Plugins can make your blogging journey little easy by adding different functionalities to your wordpress blog.

As a new blogger you may find it quite interesting that how the plugins add small functions to your blog which was not there before.

Yes you can play around a little bit after all it is your own website.

Some of the important plugins which you can install are-

A seo plugin like Yoast seo or rank math(any one of them) which can help you to optimize your blog posts.

Smush for image compression

Elementor(page builder) for building attractive blog pages

Updraft WordPress backup plugin

WP Rocket caching plugin, improve site load speed

WP forms to create beautiful contact forms.

To install a new plugin go to Dashboard>plugin>add new  and type the plugin you want to install on the right search bar.

starting a wordpress blog

3. Add important pages and categories

Creating pages and categories is an important step to follow after you start a blog.

It helps your user to navigate through your blog and adds a professional look to it.

Some important pages you should create are-

About us page-

An about us page is created to tell the readers about the person/people behind the website and the purpose of the blog.

The about us page helps to build trust among your audience.

You should not think about a lot of things while creating the about us page.

As a beginner you might not have a lot of things to say about yourself.

Only put your name, what you do and what type of information or services you will be providing through your blog and that’s it.

Contact page-

A Contact page is nothing but a form through which you visitors can approach you help, information, guest posts, etc.

Privacy policy-

This page is created to inform users about what type of information or data you collect on your website and how it may be used.

A privacy policy page is important if you want to use google adsence on your blog.

Disclaimer page-

If you are making money from your blog through affiliate links, banner ads or other monetization techniques then you must add a disclaimer page to your blog.

The disclaimer page contains information regarding how you are making money from your blog.

Now talking about categories if your niche can be divided into multiple category blog posts then you can also add different categories to your blog.

Adding different categories to your blog helps the reader to navigate through you blog easily.

4. Select your fonts and colour combination

If you want your blog to look simple and sophisticated then you should not play around with different fonts and colour combinations of your blog.

Choose a font size, font style and a mixture of 2 or 3 colour combinations for your blog.

Use this font and colours consistently throughout your blog.

5. Write blog posts

Yes, writing blog posts is the most vital part after starting a new blog.

Why not? because that’s why you have started the blog right, to create content.

Your main focus should be on the content of you blog not on the design because your content is the deciding factor for the success of your blog.

Do proper keyword research and write only SEO friendly articles. Again you can take help of SEO plugins like Rank Math and Yoast Seo to optimize your blog posts.

If your blog contains categories, you can post an article in each category which will give your blog an initial structure.

6. Submit Sitemap

start a blog

A sitemap is a file where you provide information about the pages, videos, and other files on your site, and the relationships between them.

Search engines like Google read this file to more intelligently crawl your site.

Therefore sitemap submission is important to rank your blog.

The easiest way to create a sitemap is by installing a free seo plugin like rankmath on your wordpress blog.

After that your sitemap will be created and will look like this

Then go to google search console, sign up for free – go to sitemap section>where you will find a section saying add new sitemap>enter the last part of your sitemap’s url, ie. (sitemap_index.xml)>Click on the submit button and you are done.

Your sitemap is successfully submitted.

7. Set up Google Analytics

To setup your google analytics account, first you have to sign up to google analytics and you will get a tracking code.

You need to copy this tracking code and paste it on your themes <Head> tag or use a plugin like Google sitekit to connect Google analytics to your WordPress site.

Why it is important to setup google analytics whenever you start a blog?

Google Analytics provides very wide range of information like

    • Number of views
    • Where is the traffic coming from (mobile or desktop)
    • Individual Page Traffic
    • From which website your visitor is coming from
    • Most popular pages
    • Demographic information of visitors

8. Write relevant blog Title and Description

Writing a relevant title and description is very important, it helps your audience to understand about the type of information they will get on your blog.

You should use targeted keywords in your blogs description to help google understand your niche.

Thus, writing a relevant title and description is very important after you start a new blog because it improves-

  1. Your Blog’s Ctr (click through rate)
  2. Your Blog’s Search Engine ranking

9. Create Account on Social Media Platforms

If you want to create a blog to make money, generate sales or grow your business then one of the most important part is promotion.

If you want people to know about you brand or drive traffic to you blog then social media platforms can help you do that.

There are millions of potential customers on social media which you will not want to miss.

Therefore, it is very important to create your account on social media platforms like –

Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Quora, Reddit, etc

This can help you to reach more people and increase your blog Traffic.

You should try to use your websites Domain name as you username on these social media platforms to show your blog as a Brand.

10. Add a Subscription form to your blog

It is very important to add a subscription form as soon as you start a blog.

By adding an email subscription form you can start capturing your audience email from the first day.

Having an email list can help you to promote your services or articles and drive consistent traffic whenever and where ever you want.


Blogging is an amazing way of making money online.

Through blogging you can write about things you love and share it with the world.

If want to be a successful blogger you need to make your foundation strong and put in a lot of hard work.

In this article I have talked about things which you should do immediately after starting a blog

A short recap of the article

Why should you start a blog?

Things to do immediately after starting a blog-

  1. Change you blog’s theme
  2. Install Important Plugins
  3. Add important pages and categories
  4. Select your fonts and colour combination
  5. Write blog posts
  6. Submit Sitemap
  7. Set up Google Analytics
  8. Write relevant blog Title and Description
  9. Create Account on Social Media Platforms
  10. Add a Subscription form to your blog

Lastly I would like say that there are lot of way to customize a wordpress blog and make it beautiful and a beautiful website catches attention.

That’s true but the main ingredient of every successful blog is the content and consistency.

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