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11 Best Online Tutoring Jobs

Online tutoring jobs are one of the best ways to make money working from home. Due to advancement in technology online tutoring have grown a lot and still growing, This is a great opportunity for people who are having a good command over k-12 subjects or a language or even have a good knowledge and experience of a skill.

From this article you will know about the top 15 tutoring websites that provides the best online tutoring jobs. Online tutoring jobs are one of the best source of passive income for a large number of people all over the world.

As you know online tutoring jobs are home based jobs thus it can be done from anywhere any time and provides you great amount of flexibility at work and they are one of the highest paying online jobs. There are large number of websites which allows to provide tutoring not only in academic subjects but also you can train people in different skills which you are expert in.

How does Online Tutoring Job works?

As an online tutor you will be teaching students on a certain subject or more than one subject all over the world via video conferencing, phone or video recordings. You can also tech people online about skills you have experience in such as, how to make money online, etc.

Getting online tutoring jobs through tutor providing companies is much easier to start getting paid. In America students aged 14 years or above can take online tutoring jobs under American labour law.

Advantages of online tutoring jobs

Online tutoring jobs are great jobs that you can do at your spare time

You can make your own schedule

As long as you have a pc, a good quality camera and access to internet you can work from anywhere

You can connect with large number of students all over the world.

Requirements to work as an online tutor

Computer with access to a reliable internet connection is the basic requirement of an online tutor

You will also need a good quality camera to interact or teach your students using video conferencing software.

Some companies also ask for a degree to start working with them, when you apply for individual tutoring jobs you will see the requirements for each.

Earning potential of online tutoring jobs

There are many factors on which the your earning as an online tutor depends such as your experience and knowledge of the subject or skill you will be teaching to your students. The pay for each and every class and level are different for example the pay for elementary level subjects will be less than college level subjects.

It also matters whether you are working on freelance basis or fulltime, the time you are giving to your work as an online tutor also decides your earning.

An average hourly pay of an American online tutor is $20.

Now let us know about some of the best sites which provide online tutoring jobs.

11 best online tutoring websites


VIPKid was launched in 2014. VIPKid connects Chinese students with teachers in the United States and Canada. They provide American elementary level education to Chinese students aged 4 to 12.

To apply for VIPKid you need to have a full bachelor’s degree and a degree certificate. You can make an average of $20 per hour working on this website as an online tutor and also some bonus for hitting the mark of 45 classes each month of your online tutoring job.


Chegg is an American education company which provide online tutoring and other student services. Chegg is a very popular website which provide online tutoring jobs. Chegg is among the good paying websites which pay more than $20 for tutoring per hour.

To apply for chegg you need be an expert with some level of college education. In certain cases you have pass a test to prove your qualification. Students who are attending college can also apply for a job.

Magic Ears

Magic Ears is another legit English tutoring company which provides online tutoring jobs. Magic Ears pays a base rate of $9 per 30 minutes of and some incentives for completing the targets. You can expect a earning of $22 to $26 per hour if you work hard on this website.

You must be a native English speaker from the US or Canada to work for Magic Ears and a bachelor’s degree is must. is an online tutoring company which provides one-to-one tutoring facilities to their students on more than 40 subjects. The pay is also good on, the average earning of a tutor is $15 per hour including bonuses and incentives.

You should at least have a high school diploma. To work with you should be an US resident with knowledge and experience in the subject you plan to tutor. These are some of the basic requirements to an online tutoring job on


Skooli is one of the best online tutoring platform website which provides personalized student-focused learning. By tutoring on Skooli you can earn about $25 for per hour of tutoring and can request a payout when you reach $100 via paypal.

To work with skooli you should have a bachelor’s degree, a teaching licence and other language qualification.


Qkids is an another company that connects 800000+ children from china from 4 to 12 years of age to American and Canadian teachers. Qkids is one of the most legit teaching platform in China which provides good online tutoring jobs from home opportunity. Tutors are paid an average of $8 for taking 30 minutes lessons.

The degree requirement is either you are having a bachelor’s degree or currently pursuing one from a college.


Brainfuse offers on demand live session to students over vast educational levels. They provide lesson on college subject, school subjects and even for adults. They also allow the students to receive guidance from tutors for completing their homework and clearing doubts. You can make more than $16 per hour by working on this website as an online tutor.

You must have at least a 4 year college degree  to work as an online tutor on Brainfuse and also have submit to a background check before you get hired.

Revolution prep

Revolution prep is an awesome American based tutoring company which provide tutors to more than 1,000,000 in wide variety of subjects. Thus, it is one of the places to find online tutoring job. The hourly pay on revolution prep ranges from $15 to $26(approx) depending on tutors experience, qualification and the subject the tutor will each.

To work as an online tutor on revolution prep you need to have a bachelor’s degree and also a good profile may help.


Wyzant is a legit top rated USA based online tutoring company with more than one million students and provide tutors in over 300 subjects. An average tutor make $30 to $60 by working as an online tutor on wyzant, although it seems very high but there is catch, wyzant takes 25% of your tutoring fees as their commission.

Requirements are similar to other online tutoring jobs, you will need a college degree and a teaching licence can be helpful.


TutorVista is an US based online tutor providing company that specializes in online tutoring in subjects like mathematics, science and statistics connecting over 2000 teachers across India, US, UK, Australia, China, Middle East and South East Asia. An American tutorvista tutor can make anywhere between $10 to $16.

Lack of qualification and slow response can be deal breaker for online tutoring job on tutorvista.


TutorMe is one of the world’s leading online tutor provider and it is all about advanced and specialised subjects. Tutor me at least pay $16 per hour to their tutors for tutoring online.

To get an online tutoring job on TutorMe you must be 18 years or above and should have a college degree.

Online tutoring jobs are one of the highest paid online jobs and finding these jobs are easy with help of these type of articles. These are some of the best and popular online tutoring websites.

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