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15 Best Online Jobs for College Students that Can be Done from Home

There is a huge increase in number of opportunities in recent years for individuals who are willing to work from home and earn some extra money to manage their expenses by simply using their laptops or desktops.

As a student myself, I searched for many online part time jobs which can be done from home to earn some money and which also doesn’t hamper my studies at the same time     so that I can manage my expenses myself while studying and become self-dependent.

While I was at my trying and testing period I gone through many of these online jobs available on the internet and I assure you that these jobs will really help you in making money part-time with little efforts. So, here I am with some of the best and comfortable jobs which are best suited for a college student like me who want to make some money by simply working at their free time sitting in front of their computer screen.

The best thing about these jobs is, they doesn’t require any high technical knowledge or skill. These are my top picks of making money from home-

15 best online jobs for college student’s

1. Online tutor

If you are really good at any of the subjects then tutoring online will be one of the best options for you. There are a lot of students who are struggling with their studies you can help them out in improving their marks and in return you can make a good amount of money. With the help of Internet you will find a lot of kids who would like to use your help for getting good marks at their elementary or high school.

Average salary-$12 to $18/hour

You can find a online tutor job at- TutorMe & Wyzant

2. Freelance Writer

All the companies want to achieve their targeted audience and establish a long term trust which will help in their business, which they do by creating content.

Because of this reason there is a huge need of writers now, there is a great opportunity for you have a passion to write. You can work for multiple clients to earn a good amount of money.

Average earning-$15 to $25(depending on your negotiation skills)

You can work as a freelance writer at- iWriter & FlexJobs

3. Virtual Assistant

There are lot of busy peoples out there who need your services to virtually manage there emails, social media, bookkeeping, answering to phone calls, managing calendar, content writing .etc,. As a student you can work as a freelance virtual assistant a company expect a good salary. To become a virtual assistant you should be very good in communication skill and should be excellent in grammer and you should have good quality microphone, headphone and speakers to answer the calls

Average salary-$20 to $35/hour

You can get a virtual assistant job at- Zirtual & Fancy Hands

4. Online Survey Jobs-

Online survey jobs are one of the best ways to earn some extra cash during your spare time. It usually take 10 to 30 minutes to complete a survey and it will help the brands to deliver better products and services to the customers. You can make more than $100 a month easily through this surveys

Average pay- $3 to $5/survey or can be paid in Gift Cards

These are some of the best websites for online surveys- Swagbucks & Survey Junkie

5. Transcriptionist

Working as a transcriptionist can also make you money. A Transcribers job is to turn audio into written words, although computer have developed a lot in recognising human voice and converting them into words but still humans are better at this job. If you are from medical or legal background then this will be a good option for you. To be a transcriptionist there are few necessary skills required like- you should have a good command over the language, you should able to understand the accent in the audio and a good listening skill with good typing speed and high accuracy rate is must

Average earning-$18 to $20/hour

You can work as a Transcriptionist at- TranscribeMe & Scribie.

6. Data Entry

Data entry is one my favourite pick from this list because it doesn’t require any major skill to earn and also it is one of the easiest on the list. Data entry will always be in demand because each and every business wants to keep track of its work and what is going on. There are many data entry jobs, you select according to your convenience. The basic skill required for data entry jobs is typing speed because, the more you type the more you get.

Average earning- $14 to $18/hour

You can get data entry jobs at- Clickworker &

7. Create a Blog

Blogging is not only one of the best but it is also one of the most interesting way to earn. You just have create a blog on a particular niche for example-fashion, career, lifestyle, technology .etc , and start publishing content, there are many successful bloggers who are doing this job as a fulltime job and earning thousand’s of dollars just by publishing content And doing some SEO(search-engine-optimization). The only thing about blogging is it will not make you quick money, blogging takes time to work and requires a lot of patience.

Average earning- you can expect about $200 to $1000/month by work for 2-3hrs/day by doing it as part time (if are serious about it and publish article regularly).

8. Earn by solving captcha

Captcha is a programme which is used by many sites for human verification, with the help of these programme the sites restricts any type of automated software or bot to join their sites.

Now, let me tell you how can earn from it?, Actually there are many companies who are willing to join these websites in large quantity, for this purpose they have an automated software which help them to join a large number of websites at the same time but when it come across the captcha it fails to solve it, in order to solve the captca they need to hire human, these people are known as captcha solver. When you will work as a captcha solver the software will send a captcha picture to you, and your job is to solve the captcha within a short time span and send it back. It is one of the easiest jobs out there which can be done to earn some extra cash.

Average earning- $1 to $4 for solving 1000 captcha

You can work as a captcha solver at- FastTypers & QlinkGroup

9. Search Engine Evaluator

In order to improve the services provided by the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing to their consumers they pay people to fill up their feedback forms so they could change their algorithms according to their consumers need. You can also fill up these feedback forms and work as a Search Engine Evaluator.

Average earning- $15 to $20/hour

You can work as a Search Engine Evaluator at- Leapforce & Lionbridge

10. Proofreader-

A proofreader’s job is to finding any type of grammatical, spelling, or typing errors in a document to make the document as much mistake free as possible. If you are good at grammar and excellent in catching error then you can also work as a proofreader and earn money while catching errors.

Average earning- $10 to $15/hour

You can work as a proofreader at- PROOFREADERSERVICES.COM &  flexjobs

11. Earn by teaching a Foreign language

Are you multilingual? Do you speak and understand more than one language?

If the answer is yes then there is a great opportunity for you. If you know a language which is in demand then there are few websites which allows you teach language you know to other peoples and in return you will be get paid

Average pay- $10 to $30/hour

You can teach foreign language at-

12. Social Media Manager-

Social media have grown massively and still getting more popularity day by day. According to a survey, more than 50% of the world’s total population are using Social Media on regular basis which is more than 3.5 billion people and I am pretty sure that you also have an account on at least one or two of these social media platforms. If you are using them from quite a long time and have a good amount of followers then there is a good money earning opportunity for you. You can approach a lot of small businesses working around your locality and help them to grow by posting on their behalf and making clients on your social media account and at last you can make money from your client base. The larger your client base will be the more you will earn.

Average earning- $1000 to $10000/month(depending on your client base)

Places where you can get a social media managers job- You need to approach the business by going to them by visiting there website, show them your social media accounts to convince for hiring you for this job

13. Customer Service-

Customer Service is a great option for college students and for those who are searching for a work from home job. There are no extra skills required for doing these types of job all you need is a good communication skill and that’s it, there are many large companies who are outsourcing people to work for them from their home. In these jobs you have to answer to the quires of customers and providing them support on behalf of the company

Average salary- $10 to $15/hour

You can get these type of job at- Apple & American Express

14. General freelancer/micro freelancer-

This is the way of using your old skills whether technical and non-technical to generate money by providing services to people who need your help. To work as a freelancer you need to have some skills like-web designing, SEO, graphic designing, digital marketing, etc.

If you are having any of the skills you can provide services related to your skills to your clients .

Average earning- $5 to $20/project(for beginners) you can increase you demand as you experience level increases

You can work as a freelancer at- Fiverr & Upwork

15. Sell your study notes-

If you are good at note making and have a lot of notes which you made during your previous studies then there is a good news for you. These notes can make you a good amount of money by simply selling them online, there are a large number of students who need your precious notes.

Average earning- Depends on you how much will you charge for/upload

You can sell your notes at- & NoteXchange

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