18 Things to Sell to Make Quick Cash from your Home

Need some immediate cash, why not sell stuff to make extra money

There are a lot of ways to make money fast both online and offline and selling online is one of them.

Selling stuff not only help you to make some quick cash but also helps to clean you house.

There are a lot of things you can sell to make money from your home, it can be some used old stuff which you don’t use anymore or it might be some kind of skill which you can share.

Only thing you need to do is to look for such things in your house or in yourself.

The more unique items you will sell the more could earn.

In this post you will know about the things you can sell to make quick cash.

It can be a physical item or some king of skill or knowledge which you can sell to people for money.

18 things to sell to make money fast from your home

1) Sell old stuff

What is better than making money out of stuff which you don’t use, after all everything in your house you do not use doesn’t mean it cannot be used.

Instead it may be useful for someone who need the stuff you have and will be happy to buy it cheap.

Some of the old stuff which you can sell are-

1. Old Clothes

If cleaning your closet makes you realize that you have wasted a lot of money on clothes which you haven’t wore for years but still in good condition.

Selling your clothes on sites like Threadup, Ebay, etc can help you to buy other stuff or whenever you need some cash.

2. Furniture

Want to upgrade your old furniture or thinking of getting rid of them but don’t unable to make your way out.

Selling your old furniture is one of the best ways to make money fast.

You can sell your old furniture on craigslist. A furniture of good condition and of high quality wood can be sold for higher price.

3. Sell Used Books

Do you have a lot of books which you don’t need any more.

Although selling your books won’t make you rich but it can surely make you some quick cash when you fell the need for.

Abebook or Amazon are some of the good places to sell your books.

4. Sell your jewellery

With increasing prices of gold your gold jewellery can be a great asset.

Selling your gold jewellery can help you to cope up with the hard times.

It is not something which you should consider selling on the first place among things you can sell to make money fast but it can come in handy in come conditions.

You can sell your jewelleries at your local jewellery store, you can also sell them online on worthy or Therealreal.

5. Vintage item

Do you have a lot of old items which belong to your grandparents which you think are useless but they are not.

The old sewing machine, the radio, cutlery or a useless typewriter are all vintage items for which a lot of people are willing to spend a lot more than you think.

You can find a buyer for these vintage items on places like Ebay and Etsy.

6. Old mobile phones

Do have more than one phone or still having your perfectly working old phone with you and don’t need it.

If yes, why not sell it for some quick cash.

You can sell your old phone to a friend who need it or find a customer on social media.

Places like buybackboss and gazelle can also help to find a good deal on your phone.

7. Recyclable materials

There are lot of recyclable things which we use in our day to day work.

If you already have a lot of recyclable stuff in your house then it’s good and if not then start collecting them.

Recycling stuff like newspapers, plastic bottles, aluminium can, etc not only can make you few bucks but also shows your love to our environment.

You can find your local recycling centre’s website on google.

2) Sell your body

By selling your body we mean to say about the parts or products which your body makes or recovers for example your blood.

If you are a healthy individual then why not donate some to the people who need it and also make money in the process.

There are few ways you can sell your body to make quick money.

1. Your plasma

Your plasma can be used to treat other people diseases or other health issues.

Blood banks are always looking for healthy plasma donors. The average payout per donation ranges from $20 to $50.

Plasma can be donated once every 28 days for the best practice of safety according to American Red Cross.

Donate plasma on cslplasma.com or biolifeplasma.com and make money.

2. Donate sperm

Sperm donation is the process of donating semen by a men which helps an individual or a couple to conceive a baby.

According to spermbank directory.com and the sperm bank of California, men are paid between $35 to $125 per donation.

Want to become a sperm donor? Become a sperm donor on nwsperm.com

3. Sell your hair

Do have long a and beautiful hair why not sell them.

Although not everybody like to sell their hair but if you don’t mind doing that then you should know that hairs have an high demand and can help you to make a lot of quick cash.

4. Sign up for paid clinical trials

If you don’t mind to participate in clinical research studies then this is for you.

You will be paid for taking part in clinical trials. The amount of compensation depends on the type of medication, study duration and other factors.

You can locate trial around the globe using ClinicalTrials.gov.

3) Sell your services

Having difficulty to find old saleable stuff in your house and not interested to become a donor.

Not need to worry because we got you covered.

There are also other things you can sell to make quick cash from your home like services.

Yes, there are quite a few basic services which are in high demand and doesn’t require any specialization to offer.

Some services which you can sell and make money are-

1. Mystery shopping

To become a mystery shopper you need to a mystery shopping company.

It is a great way of making money, as a mystery shopper you need to provide your services to a respective mystery shopping company and get paid.

The company will assign you jobs like eating in resturants, visiting shops, etc and providing feedback regarding the visit.

Related:- How to become a Mystery Shopper with 5 Legit Mystery Shopping companies.

2. Freelancing

Freelancing allows you provide various services from your home to people all over the world and charge money.

There is a huge market for freelancers.

As a freelancer you can offer different types of services like data entry, web development, content writing, etc depending on your field of expertise.

You may find some of the best paying feelancing jobs on fiverr and upwork.

3. Sell your opinion

Do you know you can earn money fast by taking online surveys. Yes your opinion has a value.

You can sign up for Ysense or swagbucks and start taking surveys.

Other than filling surveys these sites also have multiple ways to make money.

4) Sell your skills

Having a unique skill can help you earn a good amount of money. There are lot people out there who can use your help to learn a new skill.

Using your skills you can make money over and over again.

Some of the skills which you can sell and make money are-

1. Sell recipes

Are you finding yourself getting appreciates for the delicious food you love to make.

If cooking or preparing unique dishes is your passion, why not sell your recipes.

Cooking is a skill which not everyone has but a lot of people may love to learn.

There are lot of ways you can sell your recipes like- you can create an ebook, start a blog or start a youtube channel.

2. Sell your english teaching skills

Online english teaching jobs are one of the highest paid online jobs.

As online english teacher you can get student from all over the world by sitting at your home.

English teachers are in high demand around the globe.

We have a detailed article on how to become an online english teacher and best sites to get an online english teaching job.


Things you can sell make money fast is not only limited to the stuff you will find in your house but also skills, knowledge or expertise which you will find in yourself.

In order to make money selling online from your home you need some patience and a good platform to succeed.

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