most popular ebook publishing platforms

5 Most Popular Ebook Publishing Platform

For a passionate writer publishing an ebook can be one of the best feelings in the world. Publishing  an Ebook not only creates a money making opportunity  for writers and authors but can also help many bloggers and businesses to grow their audience or attract the potential customer.

With more and more readers shifting toward Ebooks there is a huge Ebook market growing in the digital world therefore more people are showing interest in publishing their ebook.

There are a number of platforms to choose when it comes to ebook publishing and selling. If you are a person who falls in any of the above category and looking for a right platform or Ebook publisher in order to publish an Ebook then you are at the right place.

All ebook publishing platforms have their own rules and regulations you have to choose the right one for you

These are some of the best ebook publishing platforms which has the highest popularity, best pricing and good features-

Amazon kindle direct publishing(KDP)

Amazon kindle direct publishing(KDP) is the biggest ebook publisher with millions of readers it is the most popular ebook publishing platform in the list with 80% of the ebook market all over the world.

Cost of publishing an ebook on amazon is free

Amazon kindle offers a Royalty of 35% to 70%

Before you upload your ebook on amazon kindle you need to convert it into Epub format

Smash Words

Smash Words is another very popular ebook publishing platform which can help you to get your ebook published on multiple sites using online resources. Smash Words is one of the greatest aggregator sites with a wide reach to smaller ebook retailer such as apple Barnes and Noble, Apple ebook, Baker and Taylor, etc and many other library networks.

Getting your ebook published on Smash Words requires no money

You will be getting a royalty of 60% on sales made from outside retailers and 80% on sales made on smash word store.

Smash Words accepts epub and doc formats.


Draft2Digital is also an aggregator site which is fairly new in the game when compared to smash words, it doesn’t covers as much stores as smash word does but covers all the important ones such as ibooks, amazon, barnes and nobles and kobo.

Publishing an ebook on Draft2Digital is free

It takes 15% of what you make and rest is the royalty

It accepts file formats like epub, doc, docx, rtx, etc.


Kobo doesn’t have an ebook market as big as amazon but it is pretty popular worldwide. Once you upload your ebook on kobo it will be converted and published in 190 countries.

It is completely free to publish an ebook on kobo

You will be getting a royalty anywhere between 45% to 70% depending on the price of your ebook

It accepts file formats like epub, doc, docx, mobi, etc.

Apple’s ibook author

Apple ibook author with 10%  share in the sales of ebook market is a very popular ebook publishing platform. The reason it is on the fifth place of the list because although it is very easy to publish an ebook on apple ibook author it is only for apple products or mac users because its requires itune programme which only runs on ios and apple products.

If you are not a mac user you still get your ebook published on apple store through other aggregator companies such as smash words or draft2digital.

It’s free to publish an ebook on a apple ebook store

Royalties are up to 70% of the sales

It accepts file formats like pdf, epub or text files, etc.

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