How to monetize a wordpress blog in2021

Top 6 proven ways to Monetize a WordPress Blog in 2021

Yes you can make money blogging, you already know that right.

Most likely You want to start a blog or you already have a self-hosted wordpress blog. But the main question here is how to monetize a wordpress blog.

To become a successful blogger you need to have great content, a profitable niche, a great marketing strategy, the right blogging platform and monetization strategy.

If you can figure out the best ways to monetize a wordpress blog, you can make a lot even if your website is new or do not get a lot of traffic.

Now, before you get straight to the list of ways to monetize your wordpress blog I will talk about some important things.

Why wordpress is the best platform to start a blog.

You will often find that almost every blogger recommend you to go with wordpress when it comes to selecting a blogging platform.

Although there are many blogging platforms like Wix, Blogger, Sqarespace, Medium, etc.  and a lot of them are free.

I myself always recommend my audience to get a self-hosted wordpress blog. But why?

Because wordpress is a content management system which is very easy to use and you don’t need any technical knowledge to do that.

Some other features of wordpress are

  1. Reliability
  2. Great support
  3. SEO friendly
  4. Easy integrations
  5. Flexible , and the list goes on

Because of these there are a lot of ways to monetize a wordpress blog.

And that’s why more than 40% of the web is built on wordpress and every blogger recommends wordpress.

Best ways to monetize a WordPress Blog

Let us take a look on Some of the best ways to how you can monetize your wordpress blog and make money blogging.

Monetize your blog with affiliate links

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best and effective ways to monetize a wordpress blog.

Affiliate marketing is promoting products or services of someone else through your blog post with an unique referral link which is known as your affiliate link. So, whenever someone buys through that link you will receive a commission.

Bloggers and Affiliate marketers often use affiliate links which they include smartly into their blog posts.

I also use these affiliate links in my blog posts.

In my post how to start a blog with bluehost, you can see I am using bluehost affiliate links to promote their hosting services.

Monetize your blog with google ads

It is one of the most common ways to monetize a blog.

Although there are many platforms but google ads is the most preferred one which works on CPC system (Cost Per Click) that is whenever someone clicks on the ads the owner gets paid.

To monetize your blog first of all you have to apply for Google AdSense.

But because of Google strict policies people often get rejected. So before you apply of it make sure your website is in proper structure and should obey the Adsense policies.

If you are facing problem with AdSense then is an great alternative.

Sponsored Posts

Don’t know how to monetize a wordpress blog, start taking sponsored posts.

Sponsored posts or reviews is a great way to make money blogging.

You have to write a review article of a product or service related to your blogs niche and the company will pay you for that.

If you are quite famous then the companies will approach you otherwise you have to approach them.

The more monthly visitors your blog get the more you can charge for each sponsored post.

Sell Ebooks to your audience

Selling ebooks is the simplest yet effective way to make money from your blog.

An ebook not only help you to monetize your wordpress blog but also attracts the attention of your audience.

Creating an Ebook is a very cheap process and therefore you can make it available to your audience at very affordable rate.

The ebook should be related to your blogs niche.

Off course who will buy your ebook if your blog niche is make money from “affiliate marketing” and in your ebook you are talking about “dog food”.

Your ebook should have more information than 4 OR 5 posts of your blog combined. Like this you can provide value to your audience.

Combine your old blog posts, rewrite it to add some newness, create an attractive cover with canva, convert it to pdf form and congratulations your ebook is ready.

Yes, that is how easy it is.

In case if you want deliver a more professional looking ebook to your reader then you can easily do so by hiring a ghost writer on fiverr.

Sell professional services

You can definitely monetize a wordpress blog by selling professional services.

There are a lot of people who may need much more than your informative blog post.

You can use your expertise to guide them, help to grow their business.

You can provide services related to your skills.

If you are expert in digital maketing, SEO, Facebook ads/Google ads, content writting or anything for which people trust you and your blog then people will be happy to pay for your expertise.

Also getting started with this monetization strategy is not that hard too. You just have create a separate page in your blog where you can list the services which you can provide.

Don’t forget to put the page on the navigation bar so that it can get easily noticed by the visitors.

Create and sell your own online course

Selling your own courses can really help you to make money online from your blog.

An online course should be much more detailed than an ebook and should have the power to change someone’s life.

For example- if you are teaching people about how to start a blog and make money from it then it should cover all the aspects of blogging.

It is generally said that selling courses are only for people who are at advance level. But it is not the full truth.

If you are better than most of the people in something and you can make long videos teaching that skill to people at affordable price.

You can still create and sell an online course if you are a beginner to intermediate, unless you are a complete newbie and know nothing about your field.

You do not need to be a certified expert to create and sell an online course you just have to be better and well organized than most of the people

What is the best time to monetize a wordpress blog.

There is nothing called a perfect timing for monetizing a wordpress blog.

But one of the most important thing which you should keep in your mind if you want to make a carrer in blogging or just want to make money online that,

Whatever the ways or strategies you choose to monetize your blog it won’t work until you have a consistent traffic comming to your blog.

It not about how much traffic you are getting, it’s about the quality of the traffic.

The better the traffic will be the higher will be the conversion rates.

So it is very important to

Promote your BLOG post

Improve SEO

Email marketing

Quality content

To get consistent traffic to your blog


In this post I have covered the topic “how to monetize a WordPress Blog” and make money blogging.

Under which we discussed about why to choose wordpress as a blogging platform and various way or strategies to monetize a blog-

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Google ads
  3. Sponsered posts
  4. Sell Ebooks
  5. Sell Professional Services
  6. Sell online courses

Also, I talked about what is the right time to monetize your blog.

Now, something may work for you or something may not. It depends on your niche, content and traffic.

You need to keep looking for what works best for you.

I can assure you that if you work proper on these monetization strategies you can get results.

Feel free to comment down If you have something to share and share this post if you somehow loved it.

Thank you,

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