9 Easy Fiverr Gig Ideas For 2022: Make Money From Home With Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the best options out there in the freelancing market which you should consider if you want to make money online through freelancing. We will talk about some of the best fiverr gig ideas for newbies to make money on fiverr.

You can provide any service related to your skills and expertise on fiverr and charge for that. If you got some skills or knowledge then it can help you to find the best fiverr gigs for yourself.

It is great place to start your freelancing journey, generate passive income and if everything goes well then you can turn it into a career.

Fiverr is the most popular and the biggest platform for providing digital services and these are some of the reasons why you should consider fiverr-

  1. Easy to join
  2. You can charge as low as $5 for your services
  3. Huge number of potential customers
  4. Easy payment
  5. Provide services to clients all over the world from your home

These are the reasons,which also makes fiverr the most competitive freelancing platform.

Because of this high competition on this platform most of the people get confused about the best gig ideas for fiverr.

If you fall in this category then you can go through these 9 unique fiverr gig ideas which are high in demand and choose the right gig for yourself.

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9 best fiverr gig ideas 2022

1. Content writer

There are lot peoples always looking to hire good and cheap content writers who can provide them written content for their blogs, websites or any other purpose and that’s why Content writing gigs on fiverr are always in high demand.

If you are good at writing then content writing is the best fiverr gig for you to go for.

2. Graphic designer

Fiverr is the best place to the potential clients and monetize you photoshop or graphic designing skills.

Graphic designing as a gig idea for fiverr in which you can provide services to people all over the world like logo designing, ebook cover designing, flyers, instagram post designing, etc.

If can’t afford premium softwares like photoshop or adobe illustrator then you can use free tools like canva which is easy to use and you can charge $5/project and it can help you start you graphic designing journey.

3. Photo/video editor

Due to increase in number of people on social media platforms the number of content creator and influencers are also increasing and obviously they want their photos and videos to look good.

People don’t have time to edit their photos/videos and that’s why they hire editor from freelance platforms like fiver.

The demand for photo/video editors are always increasing and it is one of the best fiverr gigs to go for right now.

To do this work you should have a computer with decent specs, a good internet connection and a video editing software like adobe premiere pro, final cut pro, etc.

4. Digital marketing

Digital marketing is the new and most trending way of promoting products and service online and are large digital marketing agencies charge huge amount of money for their services.

This is where freelance digital marketers come into play, if you know how to drive the target audience to your client’s website using social media and other digital platforms you can make money on fiverr.

Digital marketing is a great gig idea for fiverr. Many small businesses would like to work with someone who can improve their sales by promoting their goods and services on different digital platforms at low price.

5. WordPress related services

If you have good knowledge and experience regarding wordpress then this fiverr gig ideas are for you.

Under this fiverr gig you can provide a lot of wordpress related services like wordpress installation, setup, plugin installation, fixing errors, etc.

There are a lot of newbie bloggers who may need your help to build their first wordpress site and not only beginners but also advanced bloggers or businesses in order to save time hire freelancers to do this work.

6. Sell Diet & Workout plans

If you are someone who is into fitness for quite some time, follow strict diet and workout routine then you are in a position to guide others who want to transform their lives but do not have a proper direction.

It is one of the pretty unique gig ideas for fiverr which is not provided by many of the sellers on fiverr. You have to provide your clients with proper photos and videos to make them understand about the workouts and healthy diet plans.

If you are a gym trainer or nutritionist you can create a passive source of income from fiverr.

7. Proofreader

If you often found yourself catching grammatical and spelling errors then proofreading can be one of the best fiverr gig ideas for you.

You can find a lot of potential customers on fiverr who are looking for proofreaders who can help them to fix the errors in their essays, articles, posts, ebooks, etc.

8. Professional resume writer

People are always searching for jobs and many of them don’t like or know how to make a professional resume and offcourse no one wants to get rejected for not so professional looking resume.

That’s why they search for professional resume writers on fiverr.

Know how to make a professional resume take all the details from your client. Gig ideas for fiverr like resume writer can help you to make money on fiverr.

9. Social media promotion

Having a lot of followers on social media can be great news for you because now you can actually make money from it.

If you know how instagram works, how to gain more subscribers in youtube, how to get viral on facebook basically you a social media expert then you should go for social media fiverr gig ideas.

There are a lot of bloggers or business owners who might need your help to grow on social media because like this they can reach to their potential customers.

Either you promote them on your own social media or help them to grow their social media accounts on a particular niche, all come under this fiverr gig.


There are a lot of services which you can sell on fiverr.

If you are not having any fiver gig ideas in your mind then this article might be helpful for you.

In this blog post I have written about 9 easy yet high paying fiverr gig ideas(recap)

1. Content writer

2. Graphic designer

3. Photo/video editor

4. Digital marketing

5. WordPress related services

6. Sell Diet & Workout plans

7. Proofreader

8. Professional resume writer

9. Social media promotion

Selling on fiverr is one of the most legit ways to make money online from home.

If you have any suggestions or query, feel free to put them in the comment section. I will be happy to hear from you.

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