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10 High paying Micro Job Sites to Make Money Online

If you are a student or an housewife, it means you have a lot of spare time, don’t waste all of it on watching Netflix and scrolling through Instagram reels.

If you are someone who is willing to utilize your spare time to make some cash but all those make money online jobs on the internet are confusing you then you are at the right place.

In this blog post you are going to learn about 10 best micro job sites which can help you to utilize your extra time in best possible way.

Micro jobs sites is the way to earn easy and fast cash without getting out of your home by completing small tasks and gigs.

What are micro jobs sites

As the name suggests micro jobs are small tasks or jobs which requires very little time or skill to complete.

Micro jobs are really good part time jobs to make money online.

Micro job sites works as a platform for employers and workers,

Where employers posts small jobs which is needed to be done and workers all over the world complete the tasks and earn money.

Workers can choose a task which matches their skills.

10 best online Micro Job sites

1) Amazon Mechanical turk (mturk)

Amazon mechanical turk also known as mturk is an Amazon owned crowdsourcing marketplace.

They regularly posts human intelligence tasks which are basically different types of micro data entry tasks. Workers complete these tasks and get paid by the requester.

There are millions of workers all over the world who are earning money by completing small task on mturk.

Workers get paid through amazon gift cards or Amazon payment account and Direct deposit

Workers who don’t have US bank accounts have an option of obtaining a virtual US bank account through a 3rd party payee service provider of their choice, including Hyperwallet. Workers can create a Hyperwallet account and specify a bank account based in their home country to receive their deposits.

Sign up for Amazon mturk 

2) Picoworkers

Picoworkers is an online marketplace that connects Freelancers around the world with business owners.

Businesses who need other people to help them with their work come to Picoworkers. Here they can hire workers for easy and quick jobs.

As a freelancer/ micro worker you have to complete various micro jobs such as signing up for a software, writhing an article on a given topic, like and share social media profile, etc and get paid.

These are very small task, therefore the rates are also very low but this task are very less time consuming, so you can complete multiple tasks in a day in your spare time.

It pays through litecoins, paypal and skrill.

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3) Click workers

Clickworkers founded in 2005 is one of the oldest crowdsourcing platforms and also one of the best online micro job sites.

On Clickworker you can earn doing home based micro jobs such as proofreading, web research, data entry, surveys, etc.

Clickworker is free and easy to join, you can choose the assignments you are interested in and set your own working hour.

You can withdraw your money through paypal and the minimum withdrawal amount is $10

Click here to Sign up for Click workers

4) GigBucks

GigBucks is another legitimate micro jobs site that where you can earn $5 to $50 per gig.

You can post multiple gigs on GigBucks and sell services related to your skills.

There is very large variety of services which you can sell in GigBucks and earn money like advertising, social media marketing, graphics, gift ideas, photography, health and much more.

GigBucks pays through paypal or payza and the minimum withdrawal amount is $4

Sign up for GigBucks

5) Task Rabbit

Founded in 2008 Task Rabbit is an American online marketplace where people get paid for completing real world tasks like cleaning, furniture assembly, home repair, delivery and much more.

To do this task you have go out of your home but the pay is much higher as compared to other work from home jobs.

At present Task rabbit is currently in more 45 cities in three countries- United States, United Kingdom and Canada.

Rate depends on the tasks assigned. Workers charge on hourly basis based on their skills.

To get approved on this platform you need to be above 21 and have a bank account in your name.

Sign up for Task Rabbit

6) Rapidworkers

Rapidworker is another well-known micro jobs site where you can complete small tasks like surveys, online game signups, account creation, like and follow tasks, etc.

You can earn anywhere between $0.02 to $2 / accurately completed task depending on your country and type of task.

Rapidworkers pays through paypal and the minimum payout is $8.

Sign up for Rapid Workers

7) Ysense

ySense was founded in 2007 and is one of the oldest and legit micro jobs site.

Ysense is an online community which offers multiple ways to make money online such as taking paid surveys, completing small task and promoting affiliate link.

You can transfer your earnings from this website to your bank account through various payment getaway options such as paypal, pioneer,etc.

Sign up for Ysense

8) One Space

OneSpace is a cloud-based platform that acts as an intermediary between large companies in the world and freelancers.

OneSpace is a trusted micro jobs site where you will find small task mostly related to content creation and development.

Signup process is easy but inside the site, you have to complete some qualification tests, which will unlock more opportunities for you.

OneSpace issues payment via paypal and there is no minimum pay-out for this site.

Sign up for One Space

9) Zeerk

Zeerk is a good freelance website where freelancers post their offerings which are basically micro freelance jobs ranging between $4 to $200.

As a micro freelancer you provide services on different categories like translating, writing, seo, animation, graphic designing and more.

As you complete the job you be paid instantly.

Funds can be withdrawn to a PayPal account after a job was marked as completed. To be eligible for withdrawal, you must have a minimum balance of $4.

Click here to know more

10) Scribie

Scribie is an audio transcription service where you can easily earn $5 to $10 / hour doing transcription jobs.

Transcription is the process of converting an audio recording into written or text format.

At scribie you can start working as a beginner by passing a test as scribie don’t ask for an experience.

Payments are made via paypal and there is no minimum withdrawal limit.

Sign up for Scribie

Pros and Cons of Micro Jobs


  • Flexibility
  • No boss
  • No investment required
  • Best way to utilize your spare time
  • Simple and easy tasks


  • Variable income
  • Shortage of work
  • Some times can take a week for the money to get transferred to your paypal account.


Micro job sites are great way to make money online and start your online journey.

Online Micro job sites can really come in handy if you are willing to utilize your spare time to make some extra cash.

One thing you should know there are a lot of sites on internet which claims to pay you for working for them but in reality they will pay you nothing and in the end you will end up loosing your time and efforts.

All the websites which I have listed in this article are well established and reputed.

After doing a lot of research I have presented this list to you so that you don’t have to.

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Bye bye…..and keep hustling,

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