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Best Survey Jobs: Earn Money From 15 Best Online Jobs

Online survey jobs are easiest way to make money for those who want to utilize their free time to make some extra earning. Online surveys have gained a lot of popularity among peoples all over the world

Online survey jobs are very helpful for covering your extra expenses and it doesn’t require any investment to start. There is no requirement for any type of skills, knowledge and specialization for these surveys.

This article on online survey jobs will help you know about the working of online survey, the requirements to earn money, best and genuine websites to which will pay you to take online surveys.

There are many online survey sites which pay you to share your opinion on a product or service which you will do by filling some survey forms, the survey forms generally contains MCQ type questions.

How online survey sites work?

There are many multinational marketing companies who spend millions of dollars on research for their new product and services by conducting online surveys, for this purpose they hire survey websites to do surveys on their behalf.

These survey websites have a huge popularity and members all over the world having their own profile with these websites. When these online survey sites get their order from the companies they send notifications through emails to their members all over the world to complete the surveys

These websites send emails only to those members whose profile matches the requirement of the company they are working for and pay them to complete their surveys

How much you can earn from online survey jobs?

You can easily make between $1 to $10 per survey depending on you profile, the website you are working on and the length of the survey. Your earning per survey also depends on the country you live in.

There are many ways by which you can make money online on these websites, other than taking surveys you can also complete some small tasks and play games on these online survey sites to make money. Some of these sites may pay you in form of gift voucher, gift cards, coupons, etc.

You can also earn by becoming an affiliate on some of these survey sites and by sharing your affiliate link. Altogether it can be said that you easily make more than $500 per month by working everyday for an hour or two on these survey sites.

What are the requirements to start working on online survey sites?

Although online survey jobs are one of the easiest and best online jobs which doesn’t require any extra knowledge or skill to earn money but there are some basic requirements to complete the surveys and take your payment.

A computer is necessary to complete these online surveys. Some surveys can also be taken from your smartphone

You should have a gmail account in order register on a survey websites and your email will help the companies to notify you about the new surveys.

You must also have a paypal account which should be connected to your bank account which will allow you withdraw your earnings.

You should have patience and time to regularly check your email to get regular updates about new surveys.

You should have access to an internet connection, which I think is not a big deal for you.

These are some of the basic requirements for start earning from online surveys.

7 Best paid Survey Sites:


It is a highly recommended website for you if you want to earn money by taking online survey. ySense provide multiple ways to earn money. You can easily make money on ySense by taking paid survey, completing tasks and by promoting its affiliate link.

You can transfer your earnings from this website to your bank account through various payment getaway options such as paypal, pioneer,etc.


Swagbucks is also one of the most popular and genuine paid survey websites all over the world. Swagbuck pays you by cash, rewards, points and various giftcards. Just like ySense, swagbucks gives you points on completion of tasks and surveys, these points can be redeemed in form of cash or giftcards during payout.

Swagbucks also have various payment getaway options to transfer your cash earnings to your bank account like paypal, pioneer, etc


InboxDollar give $5 on your account the moment you sign up on this paid survey site. You can earn money on inboxdollar by watching tv, shopping online and completing surveys.

You can earn between $0.25 to $20 for completing each survey or task. Inboxdollar have tieups with big brands and companies which will give you cash back from the purchases you do with these brands or companies.

You need to earn$30 on inboxdollars to get a cashout at through your paypal account or you can redeem your earnings in form of gift cards.


CinchBucks is a great paid survey site where you will earn cb’s or points by completing surveys, small task and by referring to friends. This points can be redeemed into paypal cash or gift cards.

Toluna survey

Toluna is another very famous paid survey company with more than 26 million registered members over 70 countries.

Just like other paid survey companies toluna also pays you to take surveys and completing tasks which can be transferred to your bank account using paypal.


SurveyJunkie is an another great legitimate paid survey site. Depending on your profile and time you will give to this site you can make anywhere between $2 to $5 per hour completing surveys on SurveyJunkie. Generally you will be taking product based surveys on SurveyJunkie.

You can redeem your earnings once reach 1000 points($10) on surveyjunkie.


Just like the other survey sites on this list you can also earn on neobux by completing surveys. Other than surveys neobux also provides various ways to earn such as reading ads, completing tasks, etc.

You can also earn through referrals to your friends and families.

Some Pros and Cons of paid Online Survey Jobs:


There no need of knowledge and skill for these survey jobs


Most of the survey sites have a very easy joining process


Completing surveys are very easy and doesn’t require much time.


Online survey jobs doesn’t demand much time, therefore you can also work on your other sources of income


You may not able to complete certain surveys because of their location restrictions. Some surveys only allow survey takers from US, UK, Australia which are native English speaking countries.


There are many online paid survey sites on internet but most of them are scams.


When you sign in these online survey sites you start receiving a large number of scam emails which becomes irritating some times.

Although there are many scam survey sites but not all of them are the same, as from this article you are able to know about some of the most popular and genuine survey sites out there which will help to increase your income.

If you are not interested in online survey jobs despite of its easy to do nature you can look for other online earning ideas by clicking here.

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