best web hosting for beginners

5 Best Web Hosting Services for Bloggers and Small Business Websites in 2022

Are you in the market searching for best web hosting service for your website/ blog??

It doesn’t matter which type of business are you running having a website upfront is super important to market your business online and establish credibility as a business.

The first step toward building a blog or a website is to find the best web hosting for all your needs.

Finding the best web hosting for beginner might look like a very challenging task and especially when there are dozens of options in the market to choose from.

But you don’t have to worry anymore because I have created a list of 5 best webhosting providers which will provide you all the features you needs as a beginner, so stay tuned.

Before jumping straight to the list let me tell you about some of the points which one should consider while buying a web hosting for the first time.

Points you should keep in mind while choosing the best web hosting for Beginners?

Ease of set-up

A beginner friendly web hosting must have easy installation process with step by step instruction.

User friendly Dashboard

Your host must have a user friendly dashboard which you can easily use to perform some advanced actions like installing SSL certificates, installing wordpress, adding a new email account, backup, etc without having any technical knowledge.

Affordable pricing

When we talk about Best web hosting for Beginners, affordability is one of the most vital point we need to consider.

You should start with an affordable host and upgrade as your site grows over time.

Customer Support

A beginner friendly host must have an efficient 27/7 support in case you need get stuck somewhere.

I present you the list of the 5 Best web hosting for Beginners with keeping in account all the necessary features I just talked about.

5 Best web hosting for Beginners

Hostinger is not only the cheapest hosting provider but it offers an excellent bang for your buck.

Hostinger’s premeium shared hosting plans is my favourite hosting plan and I recommend it to you if you are looking to start a blog or a small website without compromising on any important features.

Beginner friendly features offered by Hostinger

  • Hosting plans start from as low as $1.39 per month.
  • One click WordPress installation
  • FREE daily or weekly backups
  • You get a custom control panel (h panel) instead of a more traditional cpanel which is also very easy to use
  • Affordable pricing
  • They have a 99.9% uptime guarantee along with 24/7 support.
  • 30 days money back gurantee
  • Free SSL


Hostinger’s web hosting plans look like this

hostinger shared hosting plan

I personally recommend you to go with premium shared hosting plan which will cost you $2.59/month and you will get 100gb ssd storage, free domain, unlimited bandwidth and can handle upto 25,000 visitors which is more than enough for a beginner.

You can even get the premium shared hosting plan for $1.99/ month during Black Friday sale.

Note- The rates are promotional, so they will go up at renewal.

Bluehost is the most popular hosting provider and it is officially recommended by wordpress.

Bluehost makes it super easy for new user in starting their first website with its user friendly interface.

Under the basic shared hosting plan offered by Bluehost you can start your website for just $2.95 per month which is quite cheap.

Some important feature offered by Bluehost

  • 1 click WordPress installation
  • Easy to use and simple Dashboard.
  • 24/7 support available via live chat, phone and email.
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Automatic WordPress update
  • Free Domain and SSL certificate


Bluehosts Shared Hosting Plans look like this

blue host shared hosting plans

Bluehosts shared hosting plans are amazing for beginners which offers high quality performance at affordable rates.

If you want to start a single website or blog under $100 then I recommend you go with the basic plan and upgrade when your website grows.

Hostgator is also very well know hosting provider which provides high quality hosting at affordable rates.

Hostgator offers variety of hosting plans such as cloud hosting, VPS hosting, managed WordPress.

Hostinger’s shared hosting plans starts from $2.64/month(only if you pay for 3 years) will be enough for a beginner to start a small business website.

Some features offered by Hostgator

  • Simple 1 click WordPress installation
  • Unmetered disk space & bandwidth
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free domain for a year
  • User-friendly Dashboard
  • 24/7 support available via live chat, phone, email, and especially with their video tutorial system.
  • 45-day money-back guarantee.
  • Easy scalability, upgrade your hosting as your website grows
  • 99% uptime guarantee


Hostgator’s shared Hosting plans look like this

Overall it is a great choice for a newbie website and also offers great support.


Dreamhost offer high quality hosting at affordable rates and offers all the user-friendly features which make it a perfect choice for beginners.

Apart from this, what makes dreamhost different from most of the hosting providers is that they offer a monthly plan starting at $4.95 per month.

Some features offered by Dreamhost hosting provider

  • One-click wordpress installation
  • Impressive 97-day money-back guarantee.
  • User friendly custom control panel
  • 24/7 support
  • Free domain for the first year
  • Free WordPress migration and SSL certificate


These is how Dreamhost’s shared hosting plan looks like

Dreamhost shared hosting plans are designed for beginners as they offer a custom user friendly control panel unlike the more traditional cpanel and a 97 days money back policy.

Moreover their month to month pricing option can be helpful for people who aren’t ready for a long term commitment.

Note:- You have to pay extra for a domain if you opt for the monthly pricing option.

Dreamhost also offers Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Managed wordpress hosting, Cloud hosting services in case your requirements are high.


If you want rock solid performance with all the user friendly features you need as a beginner then siteground is the way to go.

Their hosting plans start from $3.99 per month for a single website.

Features offered by Siteground

  • 24/7 top rated customer support from wordpress experts
  • Simple 1-click WordPress installation
  • User-friendly custom dashboard
  • Daily backups, a CDN, and FREE site builder
  • Ecommerce enabled
  • Free SSL
  • 30 Days money back guarantee
  • 100,000 Monthly visitors
  • Automatic backups


Sitegrounds shared hosting plans look like this

siteground shared hosting plans

Unlike the other hosting providers in this list Siteground doesn’t provide a free domain for the first year also the prices are little bit higher when compared to the other providers.

But I think it’s completely worth it because for the money you will pay you will get the top rated customer support and high performance hosting.

For beginners I recommend you to go with GrowBig plan because it can make your website very fast and it allows you to host unlimited website.


I have personally used or using all the hosting provides mentioned in this list and after doing a lot of research I can say that these are the best web hosting for beginners.

At last your choice depends on your need and budget

But still if you are confused lets narrow down it a little bit more.

If you are tight on budget go with hostinger’s premium shared hosting plan which provides you all the features you need and it is also beginner friendly.

If you are a total beginner go with Bluehost

If you don’t have the budget issue and want a safe and reliable option simply go with Siteground’s Growbig plan.

I hope this post will help you in choosing the best web hosting for your website.

If you found this helpful do share it with someone who needs it.

If you have any queries regarding best web hosting for beginners do let me know in the comment section.

Bye bye…… and keep hustling

how to write a blog post

How to write a blog post like a pro| step by step guide for beginners

New to blogging or you are just exploring and figuring out how things work before you start a blog.

In both the cases one of the biggest questions is “how to write a blog post?”.

It is the most important part of a blog because the articles you put into your blog will help you to reach to your audience.

That is what a blogs purpose is, “to grow your business, personal branding, selling services and making money,” right!!.

In this article you will get to know how to write a good blog post that drives traffic to your blog.

Now, without wasting any time, lets dive in

What is considered a good blog post?

Before going to the steps let’s learn how a good blog post really looks like.

A blog is not just any article because it is a business and it should be in an organized way.

Some people think that writing very long articles with a lot keywords stuffed inside is considered as a good article but it is not the case.

A good blog post is the one which is a mixture of creativity, professionalism and seo.

Writing articles with a genuine intention of helping your audience is very important.

Using short paragraphs and relevant images helps you to grab your audience attention.

How to write a blog post like a pro in 9 steps

Choose a topic

Figuring out a topic which is interesting and helpful to your audience is the first step towards writing a blog post.

Your blog posts topic should be related to your niche, because you don’t want to confuse your audience.

Writing your first 5 blog post might not be a problem for you but with time you may find it difficult to find more topics for your blog posts.

Lack of content ideas is the reason why most of the people get bored and leave blogging after a month or two.

Internet is an ocean of ideas and if you keep your eyes open you will never get out of content ideas.

If you are struggling with content ideas you can use quora which is free to use q&a platform or you can use Buzzsumo for unlimited content ideas.

Research before you write

Once you have chosen your blog post topic, it is the time to run some searches on google.

One search on google will help you to learn a lot about your competitors and their writing style.

Every professional blogger and content writers do research and competitor analysis before writing a blog post.

The problem which newbies face is that, they think they have to create something new and what confuses them more is when they found out that know a very little about the topic.

The reality is that you don’t have to create something new but to present it in a different way.

Writing a blog post is like learning a new skill , first you learn it from some and then implement it in your own way.

Write a catchy headline

Headline is the head of a blog post and it is what the reader gets to see first.

Therefore it need to be relevant with the content and at the same time should be catchy to get the clicks.

Some bloggers would suggest you to decide the heading before you write the blog post and some would suggest you to write it after you finish writing the blog post.

Honestly there are no hard and fast rules regarding this. It all depends on how you like it.

As a beginner you should play with you headline styles and observe what works the best for your blog.

Create a strong intro

You have managed to grab your reader’s attention with a good looking headline which you just created, but what after that.

After the reader gets attracted to the catchy headline the next most important thing is the intro of your blog post.

There is a huge chance of you reader just exiting your blog because the intro is not good.

2 things which you should care about while writing blog post intros –

  1. The intro should be short with short paragraph, your reader might not like to waste their time on reading the intro before they get to the main stuff.
  2. Describe the purpose of the blog post and how it can help the reader.

Don’t think too much just keep it short, crisp and clear and your reader will love it.

Main content

When you are done with the intro and you convinced your reader to read further.

Your reader has come this far because they have huge expectations from your blog post which they would not like to be destroyed.

Give them all the value they deserve, treat them like they are your best friend whom you want give your best possible advice.

Use subheading to display all the main pointers in the content, this will help your reader to scan through the content a get a better idea of it.

Using more points and subheadings makes your blog post look more organized.

While writing a blog post keep aside all the other intentions you have, just write naturally and the outcome will be great.

Use relevant images

Nobody likes to read a text only blog post, a good shareable blog post must have relevant images.

Images grabs your readers attention while they skim through the content.

What cannot be expressed through words can be expressed through images and also it is much easier to provide and explain statistical data through images.


Writing a perfect blog post is integrating the right keywords and applying the basic seo strategies.

Applying the basic seo strategies is very important for your blog to get traffic and visibility in search engine.

Using a seo plugins like rank math or yoast seo makes it much easier to optimize your blog post for basic onpage seo.

Some important seo points which you should keep in mind while writing a blog post are-

Use focus keywords throughout the blog post but don’t overstuff, make it look natural

Use focus keyword in title and meta description.

Optimize the images for size and alt text.

Make your blog posts mobile friendly.

Do internal linking whenever possible.

Crush with the ending

It is time for the conclusion.

Many blogger don’t write conclusion, but I thinks it is important.

A good conclusion gives a blog post a smooth ending and also helps in increasing the engagement.

3 things you can include in your conclusion is –

Summarize your content or write a recap, just to help your reader to remember the main points.

Motivate your reader with a quote and inspire them to take action.

Ask for comments and shares if they love your content to increase engagement.

Proofread before publishing

You are done with the conclusion, let’s do the final touch up.

Proofread your blog post before you publish it on your website so that your reader can get an error free meaningful article.

(Proofreading means carefully reading an article to find errors in a text so that it can be rectified before publishing)


A blog is good if it has good blog posts.

Creating a good blog post is not that hard and I hope this article might help you in creating one.

A quick recap

  • How to write a blog post like a pro
  • What is considered a good blog post?
  • How to write a blog post like a pro in 9 steps
  • Choose a topic
  • Research before you write
  • Write a catchy headline
  • Create a strong intro
  • Main content
  • Use relevant images
  • Seo
  • Crush with the ending
  • Proofread before publishing

Last but not the least, I would say that don’t get worried about creating a perfect blog there is no such thing called a perfect blog post because there always a scope for improvement.

Writing is a skill and the more blog post you will write the better you will get at it.

Moreover there are other aspects of blogging as well which are also important and worth your time.

If you have any suggestions or query, feel free to put them in the comment section. I will be happy to hear from you.

If you loved it, please share it with your friends.

Bye bye…..and keep hustling,

blog niches

How to Choose a Niche for Your Blog, Top 8 Profitable Blog Niches for 2022

Hey future blogger!!

You want to start a blog, right.

Then you must have selected your niche??

Not yet, choosing the right niche for blogging is very difficult.

If you find choosing blog niches challenging then you are at the right place

But first I need you to know my friend, that you are not the only one,

Blog niches might be the most difficult and confusing part for every beginner in this field.

In this article you will learn how you can choose a niche for your blog along with 20 blog niches that make money.

What is a blog niche?

If you are new to this term “niche”

In simple words Your blog’s niche is the topic of your blog about which you will publish content on your blog.

Selecting a niche should be your first step toward blogging.

Your niche can alone decide that if your blog will become successful or not.

Yes that is the importance of your blog niche.

As the niche is the topic of your blog, it should be something which you know about or you should be interested in it.

Now, you may say “I love football, so I will write about it”

But it is not that simple because if you want to make money from your blog you need to be specific and also understand your audience.

As you should have understood the meaning and importance of blog niches.

Let us talk about how you can choose the right niche for blogging.

How to choose the right niche for blogging


With 7.5 million blog posts published every day, picking the right blog niche is more important than ever.

So, what is a right niche?

I would say a right niche is the one which is a perfect mixture of passion, diversity and profitability.

Select a niche which you know about (passion)

Do you know most of the bloggers fail and they stop posting after 2 or 3 months because they get bored.

That is why choosing a niche which you are passionate and have knowledge about is so important.

For these you can prepare a list and ask your-self some questions like-

What are the things you use on daily basis?

What kind of videos do you watch on YouTube?

What type of information do you look for on Google?

Which Instagram pages do you follow?

Do you feel confident about recommending it to other people?

Can you write 50 articles on these topics?

I am quite sure that this list will help you to find your interest.

Can you make money from your niche (profitability)?

Although you can make money from your blog by monetizing it with ads but there are other far better and profitable ways to monetize a blog.

You need to check if you blogs niche is capable of that.

You can follow this steps to find out if a niche is profitable or not-

1. Check Search Volume of your blog niche ideas

You can use Google Keyword Planner which is a free tool from Google to find more keyword ideas and search volume of the keyword.

profitable blog niches

2. Use Google Trends to check how much the topic you want to talk about is trending or stable.

blog niche ideas

3. Are there any products related to your niche.

A profitable niche is the one which has relevant product which you can offer to your audience and earn commission from it.

This is known as affiliate marketing.

There are a lot of affiliate networks which you should check to find products relevant to your blog’s niche.

If you are not able to find affiliate products, it means your niche is not a profitable one.

4. Search on Google

Simply go to Google, type in you niche and run a search.

For example- if you niche is “make money”, type it in Google search bar.

Now observe the results which you got.

You can visit some of the blogs to get an idea of how they are writing articles and what type products are they promoting.

This will not only help you to understand the profitability of the niche but also the competition on that niche.

Diversity of your Niche (size of the niche)

While choosing a niche for blogging you need to keep in mind that your niche should be rightly sized.

If you want to reach your targeted audience, your niche should be micro or you can say “don’t select a niche which is very broad”.

On the other hand if you select a niche which is very narrow then you will not find a lot of content ideas and you will soon find it boring to write repetitive content.

For example if “tech” is a very broad niche, under it you can talk about a lot of things like gadgets, smartphones, laptops, etc..

There you need to publish a lot of content and more hard-work is required to make it successful.

Where as, if you choose to only write about gaming laptops, it is more targeted but it is a very narrow niche, therefore it will be very difficult for a beginner to create content.

Then what to do now?

In this case the suitable niche for you would be ‘Laptop”.

Under “Laptop” niche you can write about budget laptops, gaming laptops, accessories, office laptops, etc..

With this niche you can target a specific audience who are searching for laptops under different budgets and categories and you will not feel the shortage of content.

I hope you understood what I mean to say.

Now, if you are still somehow confused about blog niches.

Still not getting any niche ideas in your mind,

We have created a list of profitable niche ideas to help you get started.

8 profitable blog niche ideas to get started

1. Money related topics

Like personal finance, make money online, passive income, side hustle, inventing, budgeting, saving money, etc.

People are always searching for different ways to make money and save money.

Therefore you get a lot of audience and also competition in this niche.

Add some uniqueness to your blog stand out of competition.

2. Health and fitness

Health and fitness is a very huge and sensitive topic.

So your content and products you will decide to promote should be well researched.

Under this you can select a micro niche which is more focused to a specific audience (depending on your expertise)

Some topics which you can cover under this niche are-

Keto diet, General nutrition, Workout for women, Workout plan for old people, Strength training, Cross fit, Wellness, Recovery, etc.

3. Fashion

Fashion is one of the most searched topic on internet.

If you often get appreciated for you fashion sense and you are somehow interested in this industry then fashion is the right niche for you.

Also there are many affiliate products which you can promote through you blog.

If you are capable of attracting audience then there are many sponsorships waiting for you in the future.

4. Food

Everyone loves to eat good and tasty food but not everyone is a good cook.

It is a great opportunity for people who know how to cook good food. As these type of blogs get huge organic traffic.

If you are a good cook, start a food blog and share you recipes, or you can work on different food categories like vegan food, healthy food, non-veg,etc….

This type of blogs can be monetized with adsense, you can also sell your premium recipes to your readers.

5. Business and marketing

If you want to become an entrepreneur then business and marketing should be your pick.

Under business and marketing niche you can cover different types of business models, marketing strategies, start ups, small business ideas etc..

Lot of people are interested to read about business and marketing.

Also there are lot of affiliate products to promote.

6. Coupon Code Blog Sites

Over the years ecommerce has evolved in profound way.

People are more interested to buy online due to the amount of convenience they offer.

Before placing their order they search for coupon codes or discount codes, so that they can get the best value out of it.

Now, here a coupon code website will come into play.

You can make a lot from affiliate marketing on your blog with this niche.

7. Website building niches

Website building is also very popular and targeted niche for blogging.

If You are a web developer or you know how create a website on wordpress or any other platform then this niche is for you.

Here in this niche you can publish articles like-

How to create a wordpress blog, how to create a website with wix, squarespace, etc..

How to install a theme, how to design a website……

And many other topics you can cover.

There are a lot of high commission digital affiliate products available under this niche which you can promote and earn money.

8. Technology and Gaming

Technology and gaming is among the most popular blog niches.

Tech Enthusiasts are crazy for quality information in this field.

Another thing about this niche is, it is highly competitive, therefore I will recommend you to go with a micro topic/niche under this niche.

For example you can particularly talk about laptops, smartphones or pc components.

Like this you can target a particular audience and it will be much easier for you to gain authority in the niche.

In tech niche most of the revenue comes from affiliate marketing.


In this article I have talked about choosing a niche for your blog and some of the most profitable niches

Recap of 8 blog niches that make money

  1. Money related topics
  2. Health and fitness
  3. Fashion
  4. Food
  5. Business and Marketing
  6. Coupon Code Blog Sites
  7. Website Building niches
  8. Technology and Gaming

As selecting your niche for blogging is the most vital part, you should take your time before finalizing one.

But you should not over think because

Sometimes overthinking stops you to take decisions. Do what makes you happy and what you really think has potential.

Because niche selection is the first step towards your blogging journey.

After that you have to buy a hosting and domain to get started.

You can buy your hosting from bluehost and get a free domain.

Then you have do keyword research and create SEO friendly content.

Yes this is how blogging looks like, so start today.

If you have any suggestions or query, feel free to put them in the comment section. I will be happy to hear from you.

If you loved it, share it

Thank You.

start a new blog

10 Things to do immediately after starting a new blog | blogging for Beginners

You have started a new blog, what to do now?

This might be the most common question in new bloggers mind.

Registered a domain, bought a hosting and installed wordpress, you blog is live  now confusion is what to do next.

Don’t worry i have got you covered.                         

In this article I will talk about 10 such things a new blogger should do immediately after starting a new blog.

But fist let me convince you to start a blog if haven’t started yet.

Why should you start a blog.

Blogging can improve your writing skills
You can share your skills with the world with blogging
Blogging can help you to build your online brand
Blogging is your own online business to make money online
Meet new people.
Blogging can help you to grow your business and reach more potential customers.

10 Things to do immediately after starting a blog

1. Change you blog’s theme

The theme is you blogs interface and it should be simple and attractive at the same time.

When your blog gets live you may find it very simple and boring

After visiting lot of fancy websites and beautiful blogs you will find it uncomfortable at first.

But you should not worry about that because even the most beautiful website in the world looked like that when it was started.

So, to make things better you have to install a theme which goes with your niche and looks professional.

There are a lot of free themes which you can find on your dashboard’s- appearance>theme>add new, section and install it on your blog.

Now, if you have some more cash to spend.

I will recommend you to get a paid theme like generate press which comes with a lot of feature and it becomes much easier to create a beautiful looking blog with a paid theme.

2. Install Important Plugins

Plugins can make your blogging journey little easy by adding different functionalities to your wordpress blog.

As a new blogger you may find it quite interesting that how the plugins add small functions to your blog which was not there before.

Yes you can play around a little bit after all it is your own website.

Some of the important plugins which you can install are-

A seo plugin like Yoast seo or rank math(any one of them) which can help you to optimize your blog posts.

Smush for image compression

Elementor(page builder) for building attractive blog pages

Updraft WordPress backup plugin

WP Rocket caching plugin, improve site load speed

WP forms to create beautiful contact forms.

To install a new plugin go to Dashboard>plugin>add new  and type the plugin you want to install on the right search bar.

starting a wordpress blog

3. Add important pages and categories

Creating pages and categories is an important step to follow after you start a blog.

It helps your user to navigate through your blog and adds a professional look to it.

Some important pages you should create are-

About us page-

An about us page is created to tell the readers about the person/people behind the website and the purpose of the blog.

The about us page helps to build trust among your audience.

You should not think about a lot of things while creating the about us page.

As a beginner you might not have a lot of things to say about yourself.

Only put your name, what you do and what type of information or services you will be providing through your blog and that’s it.

Contact page-

A Contact page is nothing but a form through which you visitors can approach you help, information, guest posts, etc.

Privacy policy-

This page is created to inform users about what type of information or data you collect on your website and how it may be used.

A privacy policy page is important if you want to use google adsence on your blog.

Disclaimer page-

If you are making money from your blog through affiliate links, banner ads or other monetization techniques then you must add a disclaimer page to your blog.

The disclaimer page contains information regarding how you are making money from your blog.

Now talking about categories if your niche can be divided into multiple category blog posts then you can also add different categories to your blog.

Adding different categories to your blog helps the reader to navigate through you blog easily.

4. Select your fonts and colour combination

If you want your blog to look simple and sophisticated then you should not play around with different fonts and colour combinations of your blog.

Choose a font size, font style and a mixture of 2 or 3 colour combinations for your blog.

Use this font and colours consistently throughout your blog.

5. Write blog posts

Yes, writing blog posts is the most vital part after starting a new blog.

Why not? because that’s why you have started the blog right, to create content.

Your main focus should be on the content of you blog not on the design because your content is the deciding factor for the success of your blog.

Do proper keyword research and write only SEO friendly articles. Again you can take help of SEO plugins like Rank Math and Yoast Seo to optimize your blog posts.

If your blog contains categories, you can post an article in each category which will give your blog an initial structure.

6. Submit Sitemap

start a blog

A sitemap is a file where you provide information about the pages, videos, and other files on your site, and the relationships between them.

Search engines like Google read this file to more intelligently crawl your site.

Therefore sitemap submission is important to rank your blog.

The easiest way to create a sitemap is by installing a free seo plugin like rankmath on your wordpress blog.

After that your sitemap will be created and will look like this

Then go to google search console, sign up for free – go to sitemap section>where you will find a section saying add new sitemap>enter the last part of your sitemap’s url, ie. (sitemap_index.xml)>Click on the submit button and you are done.

Your sitemap is successfully submitted.

7. Set up Google Analytics

To setup your google analytics account, first you have to sign up to google analytics and you will get a tracking code.

You need to copy this tracking code and paste it on your themes <Head> tag or use a plugin like Google sitekit to connect Google analytics to your WordPress site.

Why it is important to setup google analytics whenever you start a blog?

Google Analytics provides very wide range of information like

    • Number of views
    • Where is the traffic coming from (mobile or desktop)
    • Individual Page Traffic
    • From which website your visitor is coming from
    • Most popular pages
    • Demographic information of visitors

8. Write relevant blog Title and Description

Writing a relevant title and description is very important, it helps your audience to understand about the type of information they will get on your blog.

You should use targeted keywords in your blogs description to help google understand your niche.

Thus, writing a relevant title and description is very important after you start a new blog because it improves-

  1. Your Blog’s Ctr (click through rate)
  2. Your Blog’s Search Engine ranking

9. Create Account on Social Media Platforms

If you want to create a blog to make money, generate sales or grow your business then one of the most important part is promotion.

If you want people to know about you brand or drive traffic to you blog then social media platforms can help you do that.

There are millions of potential customers on social media which you will not want to miss.

Therefore, it is very important to create your account on social media platforms like –

Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Quora, Reddit, etc

This can help you to reach more people and increase your blog Traffic.

You should try to use your websites Domain name as you username on these social media platforms to show your blog as a Brand.

10. Add a Subscription form to your blog

It is very important to add a subscription form as soon as you start a blog.

By adding an email subscription form you can start capturing your audience email from the first day.

Having an email list can help you to promote your services or articles and drive consistent traffic whenever and where ever you want.


Blogging is an amazing way of making money online.

Through blogging you can write about things you love and share it with the world.

If want to be a successful blogger you need to make your foundation strong and put in a lot of hard work.

In this article I have talked about things which you should do immediately after starting a blog

A short recap of the article

Why should you start a blog?

Things to do immediately after starting a blog-

  1. Change you blog’s theme
  2. Install Important Plugins
  3. Add important pages and categories
  4. Select your fonts and colour combination
  5. Write blog posts
  6. Submit Sitemap
  7. Set up Google Analytics
  8. Write relevant blog Title and Description
  9. Create Account on Social Media Platforms
  10. Add a Subscription form to your blog

Lastly I would like say that there are lot of way to customize a wordpress blog and make it beautiful and a beautiful website catches attention.

That’s true but the main ingredient of every successful blog is the content and consistency.

how to drive traffic to your blog

5+ easy and effective ways to increase blog traffic in 2021

You have invested your money and started a blog but even after publishing 20 to 50 articles, your blog is not getting any visitors.

What to do now, if you don’t know how to get traffic to your blog?

Without traffic you cannot achieve your main goal which you had in your mind while starting the blog which can be different for different people.

For example if have a business and you started a blog to grow your business or simply you just want to monetize your blog to make money from it.

Don’t worry I have got you covered.

Today starting a blog have become a matter of minutes but it is not that easy when it comes to increase blog traffic, you have to put some efforts for that.

By only writing lengthy content and increasing the number of post is not gonna work.

In this article you will learn about some of the most effective ways or strategies which can help you to drive quality traffic to your blog if implemented properly.

How to drive traffic to your blog

Implement these methods to increase blog traffic substantially

Understand Your Audience

You may be interested in lot of things like sorts, technology, real estate, etc but you cannot write about them in your blog.

Because your blog is on a particular niche and your targeted audience will only visit your blog if it has information related to that niche.

So, understanding your audience is very important to create content according to their need and increase blog traffic.

To know your audience you answer few questions like-

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What are the problems of your audience?
  • What your audience do or where they go to find the find the solution?
  • Can your website content give them the solution to their problems?

By answering these questions you will get an idea of your potential audience needs.

Like this you can drive traffic to your blog by creating content around these answers.

Keyword Research and SEO

increase blog traffic

SEO or search engine optimization is the strategy to rank a website on the search engine results.

SEO can alone help to increase blog traffic to a great extent.

There are mainly 2 aspects of SEO which popularly known and used by bloggers.

  1. Onpage SEO

Onpage SEO is the basics of seo which every blogger should focus on from beginning of their blogging journey.

Onpage SEO means-

Optimizing content for target keyword

Optimizing the meta description look attractive stand out in search engine results.

Using html code and alt tags

Internal linking

Page performance

Mobile friendliness

Offpage SEO

Offpage Seo as the name says are the ranking factors which are off the page.

Offpage seo means.

Creating Back links

Domain Authority

Blogging has become competitive therefore both Onpage and Offpage SEO should be addressed if you want to increase blog traffic.

Start Capturing Emails

increase blog traffic

The best thing you can do to retain and increase blog traffic is Email marketing

If you think you will focus only on driving new traffic to your websites then you might miss a lot of money because 80% of the visitor may never come back.

It is also claimed that every $1 you spend on email marketing will make upto $42.

When you have a powerful email list you can always notify your subscriber about deals, new blog posts and sell your courses.

You can use the sidebar or in content subscription box or popups to capture the emails.

Promote your Blog content on Social Media

increase blog traffic
source- wikipedia

Promoting your blog on social media is the best practise which can help to increase blog traffic from the first day.

If you are among bloggers who only post content on your blog and leave it expecting some how people will know about your blog then you are doing a huge mistake.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Quora and many other platforms which have millions and billions of monthly active users are the biggest and free tools to drive traffic to your blog.

You should have your account all over these social platforms and regularly post content related to your blogs niche which will be linking back to your blog.

Social Media platforms which I recommend-

Use Facebook to increase Blog traffic

Facebook is the largest social media platform with over 2.8 billion monthly users.

You can create a Facebook business page for your blog where you can share your blog content.

Join facebook groups on your blogs niche and genuinely help people who are facing problems which you know about and in return you can ask them to visit your blog.

Use quora to Increase Blog traffic

Quora is the biggest question and answer site which gets 300 million unique monthly visitors.

On Quora you can create a space on topic you are interested in (in this case your blog’s niche) and answering to questions which are related to your topic.

increase blog traffic

You can also become a contributer in other spaces where you can provide value.

Use Instagram to increase Blog traffic

increase blog traffic

Instagram with 1 billion monthly visitors and highest engagement rate can be a great source to drive traffic to your blog posts.

Although Instagram don’t allow to attach link in the posts, you can always use the link in bio trick to get traffic.

Other than these, you should always use other social media platforms to promote your blog.

Every social media platform has audiences of different interests and their own algorithm. Who knows which platform will work for your blog to increase blog traffic.

Write Eye Catchy Headlines

The title of your blog post is very important because it is the first which a user sees on the search engine result.

If the reader don’t find your blogs heading welcoming then its most likely possible that the reader will skip it and click on the next blog no matter how good your article is.

You should learn to write the heading in such a way that the reader’s mind would say that “this is where I will find my answer” thus end up clicking on the url.

Like this an attractive headline can increase blog traffic.

Don’t Bore your audience

Writing long and detailed blog posts is a good practice but you have to always keep in your mind nobody likes to read a text only content.

Ask yourself, if were looking for an information on internet which type of post would you prefer

A large text only article with huge never ending paragraphs or an article with small paragraphs and images, charts in between.

Most of the time readers don’t thoroughly read the article, they only look for the solution.

But an attractive looking article which has several elements like images, videos, diagrams differentiating heading can grab your reader’s attention.

A good looking blog post not only can drive traffic to your blog but also helps in decreasing the bounce rate of your blog.


As you know traffic is very important for a blog because.

Even if you have applied multiple monetization strategies or filled your content with affiliate links and ads, you cannot earn from your blog if it doesn’t get traffic.

In this post I have talked about 6 strategies for beginners which even the professional bloggers use to drive traffic to their blog.

(Recap) of how to increase blog traffic

  1. Understand your Audience
  2. Keyword Research and SEO
  3. Start Capturing Emails
  4. Promote on Social media
  5. Write Catchy headline
  6. Don’t Bore your Audience

I hope you will apply these methods to your blog and increase blog traffic

If you have any suggestions or query, feel free to put them on the comment section. I will be happy to hear from you.

Thank You.

How to monetize a wordpress blog in2021

Top 6 proven ways to Monetize a WordPress Blog in 2021

Yes you can make money blogging, you already know that right.

Most likely You want to start a blog or you already have a self-hosted wordpress blog. But the main question here is how to monetize a wordpress blog.

To become a successful blogger you need to have great content, a profitable niche, a great marketing strategy, the right blogging platform and monetization strategy.

If you can figure out the best ways to monetize a wordpress blog, you can make a lot even if your website is new or do not get a lot of traffic.

Now, before you get straight to the list of ways to monetize your wordpress blog I will talk about some important things.

Why wordpress is the best platform to start a blog.

You will often find that almost every blogger recommend you to go with wordpress when it comes to selecting a blogging platform.

Although there are many blogging platforms like Wix, Blogger, Sqarespace, Medium, etc.  and a lot of them are free.

I myself always recommend my audience to get a self-hosted wordpress blog. But why?

Because wordpress is a content management system which is very easy to use and you don’t need any technical knowledge to do that.

Some other features of wordpress are

  1. Reliability
  2. Great support
  3. SEO friendly
  4. Easy integrations
  5. Flexible , and the list goes on

Because of these there are a lot of ways to monetize a wordpress blog.

And that’s why more than 40% of the web is built on wordpress and every blogger recommends wordpress.

Best ways to monetize a WordPress Blog

Let us take a look on Some of the best ways to how you can monetize your wordpress blog and make money blogging.

Monetize your blog with affiliate links

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best and effective ways to monetize a wordpress blog.

Affiliate marketing is promoting products or services of someone else through your blog post with an unique referral link which is known as your affiliate link. So, whenever someone buys through that link you will receive a commission.

Bloggers and Affiliate marketers often use affiliate links which they include smartly into their blog posts.

I also use these affiliate links in my blog posts.

In my post how to start a blog with bluehost, you can see I am using bluehost affiliate links to promote their hosting services.

Monetize your blog with google ads

It is one of the most common ways to monetize a blog.

Although there are many platforms but google ads is the most preferred one which works on CPC system (Cost Per Click) that is whenever someone clicks on the ads the owner gets paid.

To monetize your blog first of all you have to apply for Google AdSense.

But because of Google strict policies people often get rejected. So before you apply of it make sure your website is in proper structure and should obey the Adsense policies.

If you are facing problem with AdSense then is an great alternative.

Sponsored Posts

Don’t know how to monetize a wordpress blog, start taking sponsored posts.

Sponsored posts or reviews is a great way to make money blogging.

You have to write a review article of a product or service related to your blogs niche and the company will pay you for that.

If you are quite famous then the companies will approach you otherwise you have to approach them.

The more monthly visitors your blog get the more you can charge for each sponsored post.

Sell Ebooks to your audience

Selling ebooks is the simplest yet effective way to make money from your blog.

An ebook not only help you to monetize your wordpress blog but also attracts the attention of your audience.

Creating an Ebook is a very cheap process and therefore you can make it available to your audience at very affordable rate.

The ebook should be related to your blogs niche.

Off course who will buy your ebook if your blog niche is make money from “affiliate marketing” and in your ebook you are talking about “dog food”.

Your ebook should have more information than 4 OR 5 posts of your blog combined. Like this you can provide value to your audience.

Combine your old blog posts, rewrite it to add some newness, create an attractive cover with canva, convert it to pdf form and congratulations your ebook is ready.

Yes, that is how easy it is.

In case if you want deliver a more professional looking ebook to your reader then you can easily do so by hiring a ghost writer on fiverr.

Sell professional services

You can definitely monetize a wordpress blog by selling professional services.

There are a lot of people who may need much more than your informative blog post.

You can use your expertise to guide them, help to grow their business.

You can provide services related to your skills.

If you are expert in digital maketing, SEO, Facebook ads/Google ads, content writting or anything for which people trust you and your blog then people will be happy to pay for your expertise.

Also getting started with this monetization strategy is not that hard too. You just have create a separate page in your blog where you can list the services which you can provide.

Don’t forget to put the page on the navigation bar so that it can get easily noticed by the visitors.

Create and sell your own online course

Selling your own courses can really help you to make money online from your blog.

An online course should be much more detailed than an ebook and should have the power to change someone’s life.

For example- if you are teaching people about how to start a blog and make money from it then it should cover all the aspects of blogging.

It is generally said that selling courses are only for people who are at advance level. But it is not the full truth.

If you are better than most of the people in something and you can make long videos teaching that skill to people at affordable price.

You can still create and sell an online course if you are a beginner to intermediate, unless you are a complete newbie and know nothing about your field.

You do not need to be a certified expert to create and sell an online course you just have to be better and well organized than most of the people

What is the best time to monetize a wordpress blog.

There is nothing called a perfect timing for monetizing a wordpress blog.

But one of the most important thing which you should keep in your mind if you want to make a carrer in blogging or just want to make money online that,

Whatever the ways or strategies you choose to monetize your blog it won’t work until you have a consistent traffic comming to your blog.

It not about how much traffic you are getting, it’s about the quality of the traffic.

The better the traffic will be the higher will be the conversion rates.

So it is very important to

Promote your BLOG post

Improve SEO

Email marketing

Quality content

To get consistent traffic to your blog


In this post I have covered the topic “how to monetize a WordPress Blog” and make money blogging.

Under which we discussed about why to choose wordpress as a blogging platform and various way or strategies to monetize a blog-

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Google ads
  3. Sponsered posts
  4. Sell Ebooks
  5. Sell Professional Services
  6. Sell online courses

Also, I talked about what is the right time to monetize your blog.

Now, something may work for you or something may not. It depends on your niche, content and traffic.

You need to keep looking for what works best for you.

I can assure you that if you work proper on these monetization strategies you can get results.

Feel free to comment down If you have something to share and share this post if you somehow loved it.

Thank you,


How to Start Blog in 2022(a beginners guide)

Yes, making a career in blogging is possible and creating a money making blog is not that hard too.

Today in this post I am going to show you how to start your own blog in few easy steps.

If you are recently introduced to the term blog or blogging then let me tell you first.

If you are here for the money, blogging is not a get rich quick kind of scheme.

It requires hard work and consistency to make a blog successful.

What is a blog?

A blog is one of the oldest forms of sharing information on internet.

So basically a blog a an informative website where the owner of the blog shares information regarding his/her experiences or expertise with other people over the internet.

Why to start a blog

There can be number of reasons to star your own blog in 2021 some of them can be-

  • Sharing your knowledge, skills and experience with the world.
  • For personal hobby
  • Want to skip your 9-5 job
  • Promoting your business and services
  • Making money or passive income.

What so ever the reason be but the steps for starting a blog remains the same

How to start a Blog in 5 simple steps

Find a niche for your blog

The niche or topic is the most vital part of a blog.

If you want make money from your blog then your niche can be the deciding factor for the success of your blog.

It is recommended that the more focused your blogs niche will be the better.

But as a beginner it may become a problem to find more content after some time.

Therefore it is more practical to find a niche which is little bit broader.

Famous blogger Harsh Agrawal through his blog shout me loud covers a variety of content on SEO, BLOGGING, WORDPRESS, ONLINE MARKETING which are related and more than 46000 people visit his blog every month.

For example if your blog is on tech niche you should avoid talking about only gaming phones which is a very narrow topic and at the same time avoid merging smart phones, tables, headphone and other gadgets in a same blog.

Instead talk about all types and categories of phones on your blog available in the market.

Some of the point which you should keep in your mind while finding a niche are-

  • You should be interested and have knowledge about the topic
  • It should be helpful to the reader
  • There should be a demand for the niche.

Some of the most popular blogging niches are-

  • Personal finance
  • Health and fitness
  • Business and marketing
  • Lifestyle
  • Technology

Because these are the popular topics the competition on them are very high.

So it is not necessary to pick a popular niche unless you are passionate about it.

Choose a blogging platform

To create a blog you need a platform where you will build your blog.


There are mainly two ways of starting a blog.

The first one is the free way

Platforms like blogpost, wix,, joomla, etc. allow you to create your blog for free.

But there are few limitations with them.

Second one is the paid way

That is a self-hosted wordpress blog and this is what we are gonna talk about in this post.

A self-hosted wordpress blog doesn’t have any limitation regarding customization and provides a lot of features which are simple and easy to use.

That’s why most of the blogger’s use wordpress for their blogs

If you are serious about blogging and making money from it is one of your reasons.

Then a self-hosted worpress site should be your pick.

Not only its easy but also quite cheap to build a wordpress blog, which we will be discussing further.

Select a hosting plan and a domain name with Bluehost

After you are done with choosing a niche and decided to go with a self hosted wordpress blog.

Now, to proceed further you have follow two important steps.

Which are,

Select a domain name

A domain name is the url of your website or a blog which the reader will type into their browser to reach your blog.

There are few factors which you should consider while choosing a domain name.

  1. The name should be easy to pronounce and remember
  2. It should make the reader understand about your blog niche
  3. You should prefer a .com domain
  4. Don’t use a very long domain name

You can always buy a custom domain with .com domain from at very affordable price.

Pricing for .com domain starts from as low as $8.88 on namecheap for a year.

If you already have a domain then it’s ok.

But if you don’t have a domain then we do not recommend you to buy it separately.

Now you may ask, How to get a domain name for free??

I would say read further.(you will know)

Choose a hosting company

A blog require a space to install wordpress and where all files are saved.

This space is known as a server where all your future posts, updates, images and videos will be saved.

An hosting provider allows you to use this server to host your wordpress blog and make your domain and content available for the world.

There are many hosting provider’s and they promise you to provide plenty and variety of features.

Choosing a hosting can be one of the most confusing part.

Don’t get confused,

I will recommend you to go with Bluehost

Bluehost provides awesome customer service and

It is easy to use and it’s affordable pricing makes it ideal for beginners.

On purchase of a hosting plan from Bluehost, you will get a domain name absolutely free for 1 year.

Follow the steps and save your money on a domain name:-

STEP 1. Visit Bluehost page here.

            Click on the get started button

how to start a blog

STEP 2. Select a hosting plan

These are the four plans which bluehost have. 

You can go with the Basic plan which costs $2.95/month if taken for 36 months which is the best value.

Basic plan will be sufficient for you if you want to host only 1 blog and have limited budget.

But, if you can spend a little more then i will recommend you to go with Choice Plus plan which will let to host multiple blogs in future and with choice plus plan you will get free domain privacy.

Click on select to choose your plan.

STEP 3. Type your Domain name

If you already own a domain then type it in the second box mentioning “Use a domain you own”.

If you don’t have a domain, type a name which you like on the first box and click on to next to check availability.

If the domain will be available then it will go to the next step, if not you can try with a different name. You should have some names in your mind.

As we have already discussed about what is a domain name and criteria’s to  select a domain name, it should not be a problem.

STEP 4. Fill your account information

In this step you have to complete the registration process.

To complete registration you have to enter the information as shown in the image or you can signup using your google account.


STEP 5. Select your package

As you scroll down after filling your account information.

Here blue host will ask you about the package your package or duration you may say.

To get the best value for your money I will recommend you to go with 36 month.

But, if you are not sure about if you would like to continue after one year or not then you can select the 12 month plan which will bring down the price but won’t give you the best value.


As you can see your ‘domain registration’ is free.

Bluehost also provides free ‘SSL’ free which will make your site ‘http’ to ‘https’.

The ‘s’ in ‘https’ stands for ‘secure’ which is very important because whenever someone will visit your site the browser will tell them that this site is secure, which build trust among your reader.

STEP 6. Choose you package addons

Now, you have to choose which addons you want with your plan.

If you like you can tick the domain privacy protection because it protects your website from scammers  and untick rest of them because you don not need them.

Now will get your final pricingof your plan.


STEP 7. Make payment

Scroll down use your credit card/debit card to make payment or if you want want to pay through paypal  then click on more payment options.

Tick the terms and services button and then click on submit to make payment.

After the payment is done bluehost congratulates you for the successful purchase.

Now you can proceed to create your password.

STEP 8. Create your password

Click on create your password and.

Create a strong password then click on next .

Remember the password because it will be needed to login to your account

STEP 9. Login to your account

Click on go to login 

Type your domain name/username and enter the password which you have just created ans click on log in.

STEP 10. Install WordPress

The best thing about bluehost is that once you have made the the payment, bluehost will guide you through the rest of the process step by step.

From installing wordpress to selecting a theme everything is a matter of minutes.

You can select the theme you like and click on the start building button.

You do not need to worry because you can customize every thing after building the blog.

After complete all the steps.

Now, you wordpress blog is ready.

Create beautiful content and start promoting you blog.