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7 Amazing Free Content Writing Tools For SEO

Are you a freelance content writer looking for some free content writing tools for SEO in order to impress your clients with amazing results.

Are you a blogger or a business website owner who wants to write content that ranks on search engine results?

If you are one of the above then you have come to the right place.

Today in this blog post you will learn about some of the best free content writing tools for SEO which can help you to create better content for your clients, readers as well as search engines.

As you are looking for free SEO tools you might already have an idea of what SEO is, if that’s the case then you can skip the next heading.

Whereas if you don’t know the term “SEO” then the next heading is a must-read for you.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization”

In simple words, SEO involves the implementation of various strategies which can help your website to rank better on search engine results in order to gain more visibility and traffic online.

SEO is an organic method i.e no paid ads or any other paid strategy is used.

That means if you learn this skill, you can start doing SEO yourself for free.

If you want to learn Seo step by step you can read this blog post

Why Do You Need Content Writing Tools for SEO?

Do you know Google approximately uses over 200 ranking factors.

The best part is, among these 200 ranking factors, a lot of vital on-page SEO factors can be covered just by writing a well optimized content.

While writing content it becomes very difficult to write a content keeping in mind all the onpage seo factors and this is where content writing tools for SEO comes into play.

With the help of these tools you can a save a lot of time an effort in writing better content which can rank on google.

Although there are many good paid tools are available in the market.

But I understand that as a beginner you might not have the resources, that is why I have created this list of Free Content Writing Tools For SEO.

All of the seo content tools which I have included in this list are either absolutely free or they have a free version available.

In both the cases you will get the benefits. Now without wasting any more time let’s get started.

7 Free Content Writing Tools For SEO

1. Yoast’s Real-Time Content Analysis

Yoast’s Real-Time Content Analysis

Real Time Content Analysis by Yoast is extremely useful tool for writing seo friendly content.

You can get all of the analysis that you want from every aspect possible when it comes to SEO right here. You don’t have to spend any money on any tool to get the results which this tool is going to give you.

You just copy and paste the content you want to analyse, insert the focus keyword and you can see the snippet preview of how it’s going to look like on the SERP.

You can edit your title and meta description and optimize the content according to the analysis to make it more SEO ready.

Checkout Yoast’s Real-Time Content Analysis

2. Google Keyword Planner

Keyword plays a very vital role in writing a SEO friendly content.

If you want your article to rank on Google then you have to include the right search terms through-out your article which are actually being searched by the people.

Google keyword planner is a free tool from Google which can help you to find these terms (keywords) which are being searched by the people.

Google keyword planner also tells you about the number of monthly searches and competitiveness of a keyword.

3. Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor Free Content Writing Tools For SEO

When you are creating content with an intention of reaching more and more people, you should keep it as simple as possible

Hemingway is all about making your content simpler and more readable.

It gives a readability score which can be improved by making the corrections suggested by the tool which are highlighted with different colours as you can see in the image.

The online version of Hemingway editor is completely free.

You have to pay one-time cost of $19.99 If you want to download the app on your mobile or computer which can be used offline.

4. Keyword Density Checker by Small Seo Tools

Keyword Density Checker by Small Seo Tools

Do you know the keyword density can really impact the page’s ranking?

Keyword Density is how often a keyword appears in a text in relation to the total number of words it contains. An optimal keyword density has a big impact on SEO.

Therefore if you want your blog post to rank on a particular keyword you have to use the keyword sufficient number of time on the other hand mentioning a keyword too many times can lead to penalties.

Small Seo Tool’s keyword density checker is free content writing tool for SEO which can help you to find out the keyword density of any webpage.

Using this tools you can either analyse the whole web page using the URL or you can add a piece of text.

After analysing the content this tool will give you a detailed report which you can use to optimize your content and make it more SEO friendly.

5. One Look

Online Free Content Writing Tools For SEO

If you find yourself using the same term again and again while writing an article, then this free tool is for you.

As I have discussed above in the keyword density tool that using a keyword too many times is bad thing for SEO.

With the help of One look thesaurus tool you can findsome alternatives to use in the place of that keyword. This tool also has a reverse dictionary Where you can type a description and it with will find a word for you which fits the best according to your description.

Check out One look.

6. Plagiarism Checker

Duplicate content is a big NO! when it comes to writing content that ranks on Google SERP (search engine result page).

Even if you have not intentionally copy-pasted someone’s content, plagiarism can happen accidentally especially if you are writing on a popular topic.

Therefore, you should always check if your content is plagiarized or not before publishing it on your website.

There are plenty of free plagiarism checkers out there which can help you to do this job.

7. Grammarly

Grammarly Free Content Writing Tools For SEO

Grammarly doesn’t need any introduction, it is one of the most popular writing tools out there and therefore cannot be excluded from the list of Free Content Writing Tools For SEO.

Grammerly makes sure everything you type is easy to read and mistake free.

Grammerly automatically detects grammer, spelling, punctuation, word choice and style mistakes in your writing.

Grammerly has a free version which can detect spelling, grammer and punctuation mistakes.

If you want other premium features you can switch to the premium version which comes with a subscription cost of $30 per month, $60 quarterly and $144 for a year.

Try Grammarly for free.

Final Thoughts on 7 Free Content Writing Tools For SEO

Without SEO, content writing is of no use.

Suppose you wrote an amazing article by investing a lot of your time and efforts but in the end, it will be of no use if your article doesn’t reach your target audience.

If you want your content to reach your target audience then you have to optimize it for search engines.

When it comes to optimizing your content, there are many paid tools available in the market.

But not everyone can afford these paid tools especially if you are a beginner.

Therefore I have shared a list of 7 free content writing tools for SEO which are of equal value to some of the paid tools if not more.

These free SEO tools are not only good for your pocket but also can save you a lot of time and effort and make you a better writer over time.

I hope this post serves its purpose by providing you with the right kind of value.

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