Top Legit 5 PTC Sites: Highest Paying Ptc Sites 2021

Want to make some extra money without going out of your home, looking for an income source which can generate some cash and make your expenses a little easy then these legit PTC sites can really help you.

Although PTC sites (paid to click) are one of the simplest and most popular ways of making money online but if you are someone who is new to this and looking for some easy to do online money making ideas and that’s the reason you are interested in ptc sites but looking for some more information, then this article will help you to cover up.

In this blog post you will get to learn about the 5 highest paying ptc sites in 2021.

Now let us know what is an online ptc site?

As the name suggests, paid to click sites pays for clicking on advertisements and watching them for few seconds and also completing some small task which doesn’t require any technical skills to do.

A computer with a internet connection is the only things you will need to work on a legit ptc site.

Now the question arises that if it is that easy to make money with these ptc sites then why everyone working on ptc sites are not able to make money from it, only a few people with proper strategy are making money from these sites and rest are complaining and giving negative reviews about ptc sites.

Are all ptc sites legit?

There are a lot of these sites which you will find on internet but not all of them are best paying ptc sites and that is the reason why most of the people fail in making money from with them and end up giving up.

In order to make money from these sites you need to be aware of ptc scams and have a proper strategy and knowledge regarding the legit and highly paying ptc sites which I will discuss further in this post. You will find the list of highest paying ptc sites below.


5 legit and highest paying ptc sites

1. ysense

Yscense(earlier known as clicksense) is a one of the best, legit and highly paying ptc site which working since 2007. Ysense offers multiple earning options like completing surveys, watching videos, completing some small tasks, etc.

If you give some time you can easily earn $100 to $200 per month by sitting at your home

It is free to join and is available worldwide.

The minimum cash out is $10.

Paypal, skrill, payoneer are the payments gateway option you will find on yscense to take your payment.

You can refer to unlimited peoples through your referral link and earn up to 25% of referral commission.

2. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is another very popular and genuine ptc site which pays on time. Just like ysense prizerebel  also offers multiple earning options like copleting surveys, small tasks and even for playing games.

Even though you will earn in coins and later convert them into cash(100 coins=$1), prizerebel is known as a highly paying ptc site

The earning potential can be $50 to $200 if worked properly. They have paid millions of $$ to their members since 2007.

It is free to join and available worldwide.

They have multiple paying options such as amazon gift cards or cash out through paypal.

The minimum payout is as low as $2.

You can also earn a 20% of referral income from your referrals.

3. Inboxdollar

Created in 2000, inbox dollar is a genuine and one of the best paying ptc sites. Just like the prizerebel and ysense, inboxdollar dollar is also a very highly paying ptc site which has multiple earning options like taking online surveys, completing small tasks etc.

On completion of a task it directly pays in cash.

You will get a better support and more earning if you live in US or UK.

Inboxdollar is free to join.

You can also earn from referring people.

$30 is minimum payout balance required.

They have multiple payout options like giftcards, paypal, check, etc.

4. Neobux

Neobux is a very famous, highly paying ptc site which has a lot of earning potential. They also offer a lot of earning options to their members like surveys, earn through watching videos, playing games, etc.

Although neobux is free to join but it has some membership programmes and a paid referral renting system which works for some people but not for everyone, it requires a proper strategy to earn through this process other-wise you will end up wasting your time and money.

The minimum payout balance is $2.

They also have multiple payout options like paypal, skrill, neteller, airtime, etc.


Two important things which you should keep in your mind while working on these best paying ptc sites are

  1. You should take out some time every day to complete all the surveys, tasks and ads.
  2. You should try to refer to more and more people.
  3. You should register with multiple of these sites, don’t depend on only one site.

Although these are the most legit and highly paying ptc sites which can help you in making few $100 but they are not the most consistent way of making money online.

If you are interested in online money making the you must check our other money making ideas.

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