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How To Become a Mystery Shopper/Secret Shopper?: Make Money With 5 Legit Mystery Shopping Companies

Shopping is good, who doesn’t like shopping? , but what if I tell you than you can also make money from it, what? How can we make money from it, after all shopping means spending not earning. But it is not true and it means that you haven’t heard of mystery shopping yet. Mystery shopping jobs can make you money while you are shopping, eating, visiting, etc.

Mystery shopping jobs also known as secret shopping is a great part-time money making opportunity for us, which does not require any complicated skills or degree to perform.

Want to make money, learn to become a secret shopper. This article will surely help you gain more knowledge about secret shopping jobs, mystery shopping companies, scam, requirements, what to do and what not to do.

What is mystery shopping? What are mystery shopper jobs?

Mystery shoppers A.k.a secret shoppers are gig workers or independent contractors who submit detailed reports and feedback about their overall experience regarding their visit to shops, restaurants, etc. These types of tasks are assigned to you once you join a mystery shopping company.

As a mystery shopper you will be assigned a variety of tasks like eating in resturants, shopping in a particular shop and simultaneously check the cleanliness, quality of service and other related stuff just like a regular customer but the difference is that they get paid for this or reimbursed for the purchase.

In short we can say that secret shopping jobs are similar to online survey jobs where the mystery shopper is paid for submitting their feedback regarding their shop visit experience which will assigned by a mystery shopping company.

Once a person is assigned with the job the secret shopping companies provide them a set of instructions or guidelines before the visit, like- what to buy, how to buy, what questions to be asked to the staff, things to be noted, etc.

How to become a mystery shopper?

Now, we have gained some basic knowledge about mystery shopping let us learn how to become a mystery shopper in 2020.

Although it seems to be very easy but actually it is not, after all money making is never very easy, it can be free but not easy, it requires a lot of patience and some time and mystery shopping jobs are not any different, it requires work.

These are the few steps which you can follow to become a mystery shopper-

You should choose a mystery shopping company(there are lot of them) and register your-self as a secret shopper, to register you will have to provide your details like full name, address, contact no, email id, experience level etc.

Once your application gets accepted by the secret shopping company, you need to check your email regularly so that you get to know whenever an assignment is assigned to you

When you visit to the assigned place you need to take a mental note of the details assigned to you by the mystery shopping company in a very secret way by acting like a regular customer. You need to make sure that the staff or the manager doesn’t fell anything weird about you.

After your shopping gets completed you need to take your bill and later on write an honest review about your experience according to the details provide by the mystery shopping company. Once you are done with the feedback you will then have to wait for your reimbursement or payment.

How a mystery shopper is paid?

There are lot of mystery shopping companies and every company has its own way of paying and it also depends on the assignment.

Some companies won’t give you cash instead they will give you a budget for shopping or reimburse for your purchase and you can keep those items as freebies or if it’s a restaurant or a hotel you will be given a free stay or dining. These type of companies will not pay you for your time.

A mystery shopper company may ask you pay in cash to visit a store but not buying anything, they will pay you for your time.

As a mystery shopper you can be paid in cash for your time as well as a reimbursement for purchase of goods.

Mystery shoppers are mostly paid according to the assignment assigned to them not by hour.

There are a very wide variety of mystery shopper jobs in different categories like, mystery shopping jobs can be related to restaurants, movie theatres, salons, hotels, travelling, shops, dealerships etc.

You need find out in which type of jobs are you most interested and which company pays the most. Like this you can choose the secret shopping company for you

Top 10 mystery shopping companies in USA


Secret Shopper

Market Force


Data Quest

These are some of the best and legit mystery shopping companies for which you work for and get paid

Beware of mystery shopping scams

As you guys know now a days there are fraud and scams in every field especially when it comes to money making opportunities. Unfortunately secret shopping industry is not any different and increasing popularity of this jobs, it is obvious.

The most important point which you as an aspiring mystery shopper should keep in mind before you sign-up for a mystery shopping company is that never register with a company which asks you pay a certain amount to get registered as a mystery shopper. These sites are mostly scams and may steal your personal information and data.

Also consider to contact the federal trade commission if having any doubt.

There are lot of legit mystery shopping companies out there to work for. Beware of scams.


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