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How to become a Virtual Assistant: work from home

What is a Virtual Assistant and how to become a Virtual Assistant, these are some of the most common questions of people who are looking for a job which can give them a good earning and also allow them to enjoy their freedom at the same time.

If you are the person who doesn’t want the typical 9 to 5 job in a company or even if are looking for a good source of passive income then learning how to become a virtual assistant is one of the best options out there for you.

Now, let me give you the answer of you first question, i.e.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is someone who provide their support and services to other businesses from outside the client’s office.

You as a Virtual Assistant will be asked to do office and administrative type works, you can provide your services to any business all over the world from remote location. A virtual assistant have access to the documents of the company they are working for.

There are many medium, small and even large businesses who want a person to help them out in organizing their daily work but due to some reasons they don’t want to hire a full time employee .  

 Working as a virtual assistant is like running a business which help other businesses to run and also you are not restricted to one client you can work for multiple client.

Services provided by Virtual Assistant

Some of the common and in demand services you can provide to your clients as a virtual assistant are-

1. Technical support

If you are a guy from technical background then working as a virtual assistant will be the best home based job for you. As an engineer or an architect you can provide technical support to an IT sector or an architecture firm all over the world by sitting at your home.

The demand for this type of services are in high demand and you can make a good money by working as an technical virtual assistant.

2. Social media management

Social media plays a very crucial role in generating new customers for a business, social media helps business to reach to their targeted audience all over the world.

Now a days most of the business owners know the importance of their social media presence but they don’t have the time to manage their social media profile themselves.

These business owners want a virtual assistant to manage their social media accounts by publishing posts, creating content on their behalf.

If you are good in maintaining a social media presence and publishing good content on social media then working as a social media virtual assistant is the right service which you can provide to your client.

3. Website Developer/Website Manager

Everyone is getting online, which means there is a huge number of potential buyers out there.

To achieve their potential customers or buyers and to extend the boundaries of their business most of the business owners want to have a professional website for their business so that they would able to impress their customers.

If you are good at website building and managing content you can provide your support as a virtual assistant to these type of businesses.

4. E-Commerce

As a small business owner running a e-commerce can tough some because there is a lot of work in a e-commerce store which is impossible to manage single-handedly.

As a virtual assistant you can provide various micro services to these types of businesses like-

  • Tracking deliveries
  • Maintaining customer records
  • Providing customer service
  • Website management , and many other….

5. Content production

In every business there is a requirement for a person who will be making  eye catchy logos, graphic posters, someone who will post blogs on companies website and editing videos and photos for the business use.

All these creative and graphic related content creation work are very time consuming. So ,for this purpose most of the companies will prefer an online virtual assistant rather than a full time employee because this will save their money and time as well.

If you are a graphic designer and love to create content no matter how much time it take to edit a video or write a blog then content production is the best service you can provide to your client as a virtual assistant.

6. Finance

If you have a commerce background and have any previous experience in finance department then selecting to become a financial virtual assistant is the right option for you.

Every organization have the need for a person who looks after the financial transactions of the business.

As a financial virtual assistant you have to provide services such as- bookkeeping, monitoring investments, invoice creation, etc.

7. General Virtual Assistant

Not like the above six services which require specialization in a particular niche, working as a general virtual assistant doesn’t require any specialization aver a particular niche.

As a general virtual assistant you can provide some simple services to your clients such as- managing diaries, managing schedules and emails, booking appointments, etc.

How to become a Virtual Assistant?

Now if you have decided to start your career as a virtual assistant then here are some simple steps to begin your journey as a virtual assistant.

Find your niche

As you have already gone through the seven most common and in-demand services which you can provide to your clients as a virtual assistant, now it is time for you to analyse your skills.

If you find that your skill is matching to any of the services or niche or you found out yourself having more than one skill then you must analyse your skills and find out the one with which you are more comfortable and if are still confused then you can go with general virtual assistant

Improve your skills, do some research

Now, that you have identified your skills and selected the best niche for you then you must start improving you skill or give some time in revision.

For example if you have decided to work as a technical virtual assistant and you have completed your engineering 1 or 2 years back then you should go through the old practical you had done during your college or you can take help of the internet.

If you are having some budget which you can invest to know more about a virtual assistant job then I will suggest you to buy an online course on virtual assistant. There are many of such courses out there for you which will help you to increase your knowledge.

As a beginner you should go through the virtual assistant market place and analyse the trends and also take an idea about the pricing you should charge from your first client.

Some extra skills which are necessary for a virtual assistant

Apart from having your niche selected and the services you are willing to provide to you clients there are some extra set of skills that you should have as a virtual assistant like-

  • Having a good communication and writing skill
  • Excellent computer skill
  • Should be well organized
  • Quick and effective decision making

These are some of the most important skills that your client will look for, while hiring a virtual assistant.

How to find a Virtual Assistant job

There are plenty of companies which allow you to provide your services as a virtual assistant to your clients or you can build your own website and sell your services if you are willing to start your own business.

As a beginner you don’t need to start your own website instead work as a freelancer.

Places where you can work as a freelancer and provide your services as a virtual assistant-





These are some of the best options for a beginner to start their journey.

Before you start selling your services, at first you have to create your profile where you will write about the services you will provide and also your experience level. The better your profile will the more will me the chance to get an order.

As a beginner it is recommended to keep the charges low. The average hourly charges of a virtual assistant at beginner stage is    $10 to $25. You can charge according to the quality of services you can offer to your clients.

Once you got your first order your full focus should be on fulfilling your clients need and making your client happy, you must also provide some free services to your initial client and ask for 5star rating on completion of your work.

You can also request for testimonials. When you will acquire a good amount of experience as a virtual assistant you can start your own website and build your own business.

The testimonial you have collected can be used on your website to attract businesses and you can take your business to a different level and make a lot of money.

Pros and cons

As we know every job, every business has its own pros and cons. Let’s talk about some pros and cons of working as a virtual assistant.

Pros of becoming a virtual assistant

  • Work flexibility and freedom
  • Be your own boss
  • Start your own business with minimal or no investment
  • Earn according to your willingness to earn money

Cons of becoming a virtual assistant

  • No fixed salary and vacations
  • Finding your first client is not a piece of cake, it takes time
  • Being your own boss means you have all the responsibilities and have to manage your multiple clients single handedly
  • Woking from alone may be difficult for some people


It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a full time profession or you are a college student and want to earn some extra money to manage your expenses or even if you are an employee in a company and looking for an extra source of income.

Having more than one source of income is always better and working as a virtual assistant is one of the best option.

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