how to drive traffic to your blog

5+ easy and effective ways to increase blog traffic in 2021

You have invested your money and started a blog but even after publishing 20 to 50 articles, your blog is not getting any visitors.

What to do now, if you don’t know how to get traffic to your blog?

Without traffic you cannot achieve your main goal which you had in your mind while starting the blog which can be different for different people.

For example if have a business and you started a blog to grow your business or simply you just want to monetize your blog to make money from it.

Don’t worry I have got you covered.

Today starting a blog have become a matter of minutes but it is not that easy when it comes to increase blog traffic, you have to put some efforts for that.

By only writing lengthy content and increasing the number of post is not gonna work.

In this article you will learn about some of the most effective ways or strategies which can help you to drive quality traffic to your blog if implemented properly.

How to drive traffic to your blog

Implement these methods to increase blog traffic substantially

Understand Your Audience

You may be interested in lot of things like sorts, technology, real estate, etc but you cannot write about them in your blog.

Because your blog is on a particular niche and your targeted audience will only visit your blog if it has information related to that niche.

So, understanding your audience is very important to create content according to their need and increase blog traffic.

To know your audience you answer few questions like-

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What are the problems of your audience?
  • What your audience do or where they go to find the find the solution?
  • Can your website content give them the solution to their problems?

By answering these questions you will get an idea of your potential audience needs.

Like this you can drive traffic to your blog by creating content around these answers.

Keyword Research and SEO

increase blog traffic

SEO or search engine optimization is the strategy to rank a website on the search engine results.

SEO can alone help to increase blog traffic to a great extent.

There are mainly 2 aspects of SEO which popularly known and used by bloggers.

  1. Onpage SEO

Onpage SEO is the basics of seo which every blogger should focus on from beginning of their blogging journey.

Onpage SEO means-

Optimizing content for target keyword

Optimizing the meta description look attractive stand out in search engine results.

Using html code and alt tags

Internal linking

Page performance

Mobile friendliness

Offpage SEO

Offpage Seo as the name says are the ranking factors which are off the page.

Offpage seo means.

Creating Back links

Domain Authority

Blogging has become competitive therefore both Onpage and Offpage SEO should be addressed if you want to increase blog traffic.

Start Capturing Emails

increase blog traffic

The best thing you can do to retain and increase blog traffic is Email marketing

If you think you will focus only on driving new traffic to your websites then you might miss a lot of money because 80% of the visitor may never come back.

It is also claimed that every $1 you spend on email marketing will make upto $42.

When you have a powerful email list you can always notify your subscriber about deals, new blog posts and sell your courses.

You can use the sidebar or in content subscription box or popups to capture the emails.

Promote your Blog content on Social Media

increase blog traffic
source- wikipedia

Promoting your blog on social media is the best practise which can help to increase blog traffic from the first day.

If you are among bloggers who only post content on your blog and leave it expecting some how people will know about your blog then you are doing a huge mistake.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Quora and many other platforms which have millions and billions of monthly active users are the biggest and free tools to drive traffic to your blog.

You should have your account all over these social platforms and regularly post content related to your blogs niche which will be linking back to your blog.

Social Media platforms which I recommend-

Use Facebook to increase Blog traffic

Facebook is the largest social media platform with over 2.8 billion monthly users.

You can create a Facebook business page for your blog where you can share your blog content.

Join facebook groups on your blogs niche and genuinely help people who are facing problems which you know about and in return you can ask them to visit your blog.

Use quora to Increase Blog traffic

Quora is the biggest question and answer site which gets 300 million unique monthly visitors.

On Quora you can create a space on topic you are interested in (in this case your blog’s niche) and answering to questions which are related to your topic.

increase blog traffic

You can also become a contributer in other spaces where you can provide value.

Use Instagram to increase Blog traffic

increase blog traffic

Instagram with 1 billion monthly visitors and highest engagement rate can be a great source to drive traffic to your blog posts.

Although Instagram don’t allow to attach link in the posts, you can always use the link in bio trick to get traffic.

Other than these, you should always use other social media platforms to promote your blog.

Every social media platform has audiences of different interests and their own algorithm. Who knows which platform will work for your blog to increase blog traffic.

Write Eye Catchy Headlines

The title of your blog post is very important because it is the first which a user sees on the search engine result.

If the reader don’t find your blogs heading welcoming then its most likely possible that the reader will skip it and click on the next blog no matter how good your article is.

You should learn to write the heading in such a way that the reader’s mind would say that “this is where I will find my answer” thus end up clicking on the url.

Like this an attractive headline can increase blog traffic.

Don’t Bore your audience

Writing long and detailed blog posts is a good practice but you have to always keep in your mind nobody likes to read a text only content.

Ask yourself, if were looking for an information on internet which type of post would you prefer

A large text only article with huge never ending paragraphs or an article with small paragraphs and images, charts in between.

Most of the time readers don’t thoroughly read the article, they only look for the solution.

But an attractive looking article which has several elements like images, videos, diagrams differentiating heading can grab your reader’s attention.

A good looking blog post not only can drive traffic to your blog but also helps in decreasing the bounce rate of your blog.


As you know traffic is very important for a blog because.

Even if you have applied multiple monetization strategies or filled your content with affiliate links and ads, you cannot earn from your blog if it doesn’t get traffic.

In this post I have talked about 6 strategies for beginners which even the professional bloggers use to drive traffic to their blog.

(Recap) of how to increase blog traffic

  1. Understand your Audience
  2. Keyword Research and SEO
  3. Start Capturing Emails
  4. Promote on Social media
  5. Write Catchy headline
  6. Don’t Bore your Audience

I hope you will apply these methods to your blog and increase blog traffic

If you have any suggestions or query, feel free to put them on the comment section. I will be happy to hear from you.

Thank You.

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