how to make money selling Ebooks

How To Make Money Selling Ebooks

Writing a ebook requires lot of passion, interest and patience, if you are the person with a specialization or knowledge about something then you can share it with other people who can take help from your knowledge or experience and you can make money in that process or if you are passionate about writing stories, novels with lot of creativity going through your writing then writing and publishing and selling ebooks might be the best venture for you to make money.

Although you might be thinking how to make, market and sell ebooks and there might be a doubt in your mind regarding that whether people will buy your ebooks or not, well you will get to know only when you will publish one.

So let’s know more about selling ebook online. In this article you will learn about what a ebook is? how to write and publish one and successfully make money from it.

What are Ebooks?

Ebook is the simpler yet different way of publishing a traditional book. An Ebook is the digital form of book which can be read at any time anywhere on any smart device that is connected to internet and once someone buys or downloads the Ebook on their device there is no need of internet as well to get further access to the Ebook.

Making and editing and publishing an ebook is very easy when compared to a traditional book its also easy for the interested reader to access to the ebooks as well, this is the reason why every months millions of people buys and read ebooks on amazon.

These are some steps you should follow in case you want to make a top selling Ebooks-

Choose a topic for your ebook

Choosing a topic for your ebook is very important when you start making your first ebook. If you are writing your first ebook then you should choose a topic about which you are having interest or passionate about because writing an Ebook is not a very quick process so you must ensure that the niche or topic should be on something which you can write for longer hours without losing your interest in it and with more creativity.

The best thing about making an Ebook is as a self publisher you can write it on any topic. Choosing a topic which is unique or too specific may help you to reach to some targeted audience but the chances of getting good sales from these ebooks are really less, instead choosing a general topic which can cover a variety content. From these topic you can reach a lot more audience.

To get an idea about top selling ebooks you can go through the amazon kindle ebooks page which will help to take a note of the niches which people love to read.

Find the most searched ebook keywords on amazon

It is very important to do a keyword research related to your topic when you are self publishing and willing to sell your book on amazon because it will help in ranking your ebook on amazon higher.

Using these keywords in product description and tags can help you to generate good traffic on your ebook

There are many paid and free ways of keyword research out there.

You can go through the amazon kindle ebook page, type the keyword in the search box and you will come to know what people are really searching.

Further you will also need a good online tool or application which will be helping you for advanced keyword research.

PublisherRocket is one of the best keyword research tool for independent or self-publishing authors which will help you in promoting your ebooks on amazon by allowing you to now about your competitions various aspect for which they are ranking.

Like this using proper keywords can help you to sell an ebook on amazon.

Get an attractive cover for your ebook

The cover of an ebook is not the only deciding factor for your ebook sales but it plays a very crusial role in it. You should be very careful while selecting an art or graphic for the cover of your ebook because will be the first impression of your ebook.

The cover of you ebook should be attractive so that when a potential reader is scrolling through the list of offerings he/she should find something appealing in your ebook cover, which can make the reader to stop and show some interest in the ebook.

You can make your ebook cover on your own or you can hire a graphic designer to do it for you. You can hire a graphic designer on fiverr, upwork, etc.

Create an eye catchy tile and subtitle

The second thing of an ebook which creates an impression on a reader after its cover is the title and then the subtitle.

So make sure that your title conveys the purpose of your ebook. Spend some time in creating an easy and creative title which stays in the readers mind.

Choosing the right title can be a deciding factor for your ebook selling.

Create an outline

Creating an outline will make the process of writing the content much easy for you. The simple of creating an outline for your ebook is by keeping the note of the highlights of your content in one place.

You can have look on other publishers ebooks on niche similar to yours to get an idea.        

The content should be of high standards

The content of your ebook totally depends on you and your niche but there are few thing you should consider if you want to make money selling ebooks

The content of your ebook should be clean and easy to understand. If you are writing an ebook on “how to make money” then it should be easy to understand to readers because these types of ebooks are made for the beginners or intermediate and you will use complicated or advance terms then it will not be of much help for them.

On other hand if you are writing a novel or your content is fictional then your content should me neat and content should not be very lengthy otherwise the reader will get bored.

Using appropriate and high quality images in your ebook can make your reader excited and happy.

When you are done with the writing part now it is the time to proofread the ebook and make all the final editing work. You can proofread yourself and make the final changes. This is the most important part of creating a high standard content because if you have managed create a good and creative content but if there are grammatical errors in the content then it will give that professional fell to the readers.

It is very natural to have grammatical errors in your raw content but the important thing is that it should be corrected before publishing.

You can use grammerly to write and publish a content free from spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

Write a good description for your ebook

A proper description of your ebook is as important as your ebook’s title and cover. You sould invest some time in writing a description for your ebook if you want to make money selling ebooks on amazon or any other platform.

The description should provide all the basic information about your ebook in short so that the reader can understand and decide that whether he should consider buying the ebook or not.

Having a good description of you ebook is one of the major factors for sales of your ebook.

How to make money selling Ebooks?

Find a publishing platform for you ebook

When you are done with making content, title, cover and all other stuff mentioned above for your ebook, now it is the time to make money from it and for this purpose you must have a good publishing platform for your ebook be published on.

There some great platforms where you can publish your ebook and make money such as amazon kindle, Apple ibooks author, kobo and many other.

You can also publish your eboks on your own website, the benefit of publishing your ebook on your own website or blog is that you don’t have to pay any percentage of your sale to anyone but you may not get the start as you will getting on amazon.

Amazon kindle or kindle direct publishing is a huge market for publisher which holds two third of the ebook purchasing market, hence as a beginner it should be considered as the first option for your ebook publishing  or you can publish on multiple platform along with your website, this can improve your chances of making money selling ebooks.

Convert you ebook

You have to convert your word or openoffice document into multple formats before you upload your ebook on a publishing platform.

For amazon kindle the uploading format is Mobi and Epub is the format which work with most of the platforms and you can use any format or multiple formats on your website or blog.

Set a price

Price is one of the reasons why people are preferring ebooks over a traditional one because they are cheap. Setting a perfect price for your ebook is very important if you want to make money selling  your ebook on amazon it will decide whether or not the customer will buy your product or not.

You can start with a $0 ebook on Amazon, it will not make you any money but listing your ebook on amazon kindle for few day or weeks will surely help in improving its ranking on Amazons bestseller’s list.

After improvement in the ranking of you ebook and gathering some good reviews on it, now you can sell them at lower price point ranging between $2.99 to $4.99 depending on the number of pages and quality of you ebook.

Promote your ebook

If you want to make money from your ebook and you are serious about it then you should dedicate some time in promoting and marketing your books.

It very important to get the word out there, if the world will know about your ebook and it can help them, then only they will buy it.

You can promote you ebook on different social media platforms such as instagram, twitter, linkedin, etc. You can also join facebook groups related to the niche of your ebook to promote our ebook.

You can also collect the reviews you got from the readers of your free ebook and display on your website or a free blog of your’s.

Benefits of publishing ebook

Publishing an ebook is quicker, easier and cheaper compared to a traditional book

Cost of an ebook is very low therefore customers are preferring it more

An ebook can be accessed from any smart device there it doesn’t take any extra space, hence it is easy to carry

Promoting or marketing an ebook is not a very difficult task to do

Making and selling ebooks can be good source of income for you with a good cover, title, description, content and marketing strategy. Be patient, be regular and you will succeed.

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