How to Start Blog in 2022(a beginners guide)

Yes, making a career in blogging is possible and creating a money making blog is not that hard too.

Today in this post I am going to show you how to start your own blog in few easy steps.

If you are recently introduced to the term blog or blogging then let me tell you first.

If you are here for the money, blogging is not a get rich quick kind of scheme.

It requires hard work and consistency to make a blog successful.

What is a blog?

A blog is one of the oldest forms of sharing information on internet.

So basically a blog a an informative website where the owner of the blog shares information regarding his/her experiences or expertise with other people over the internet.

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Why to start a blog

There can be number of reasons to star your own blog in 2021 some of them can be-

  • Sharing your knowledge, skills and experience with the world.
  • For personal hobby
  • Want to skip your 9-5 job
  • Promoting your business and services
  • Making money or passive income.

What so ever the reason be but the steps for starting a blog remains the same

How to start a Blog in 5 simple steps

Find a niche for your blog

The niche or topic is the most vital part of a blog.

If you want make money from your blog then your niche can be the deciding factor for the success of your blog.

It is recommended that the more focused your blogs niche will be the better.

But as a beginner it may become a problem to find more content after some time.

Therefore it is more practical to find a niche which is little bit broader.

Famous blogger Harsh Agrawal through his blog shout me loud covers a variety of content on SEO, BLOGGING, WORDPRESS, ONLINE MARKETING which are related and more than 46000 people visit his blog every month.

For example if your blog is on tech niche you should avoid talking about only gaming phones which is a very narrow topic and at the same time avoid merging smart phones, tables, headphone and other gadgets in a same blog.

Instead talk about all types and categories of phones on your blog available in the market.

Some of the point which you should keep in your mind while finding a niche are-

  • You should be interested and have knowledge about the topic
  • It should be helpful to the reader
  • There should be a demand for the niche.

Some of the most popular blogging niches are-

  • Personal finance
  • Health and fitness
  • Business and marketing
  • Lifestyle
  • Technology

Because these are the popular topics the competition on them are very high.

So it is not necessary to pick a popular niche unless you are passionate about it.

Choose a blogging platform

To create a blog you need a platform where you will build your blog.


There are mainly two ways of starting a blog.

The first one is the free way

Platforms like blogpost, wix,, joomla, etc. allow you to create your blog for free.

But there are few limitations with them.

Second one is the paid way

That is a self-hosted wordpress blog and this is what we are gonna talk about in this post.

A self-hosted wordpress blog doesn’t have any limitation regarding customization and provides a lot of features which are simple and easy to use.

That’s why most of the blogger’s use wordpress for their blogs

If you are serious about blogging and making money from it is one of your reasons.

Then a self-hosted worpress site should be your pick.

Not only its easy but also quite cheap to build a wordpress blog, which we will be discussing further.

Select a hosting plan and a domain name with Bluehost

After you are done with choosing a niche and decided to go with a self hosted wordpress blog.

Now, to proceed further you have follow two important steps.

Which are,

Select a domain name

A domain name is the url of your website or a blog which the reader will type into their browser to reach your blog.

There are few factors which you should consider while choosing a domain name.

  1. The name should be easy to pronounce and remember
  2. It should make the reader understand about your blog niche
  3. You should prefer a .com domain
  4. Don’t use a very long domain name

You can always buy a custom domain with .com domain from at very affordable price.

Pricing for .com domain starts from as low as $8.88 on namecheap for a year.

If you already have a domain then it’s ok.

But if you don’t have a domain then we do not recommend you to buy it separately.

Now you may ask, How to get a domain name for free??

I would say read further.(you will know)

Choose a hosting company

A blog require a space to install wordpress and where all files are saved.

This space is known as a server where all your future posts, updates, images and videos will be saved.

An hosting provider allows you to use this server to host your wordpress blog and make your domain and content available for the world.

There are many hosting provider’s and they promise you to provide plenty and variety of features.

Choosing a hosting can be one of the most confusing part.

Don’t get confused,

I will recommend you to go with Bluehost

Bluehost provides awesome customer service and

It is easy to use and it’s affordable pricing makes it ideal for beginners.

On purchase of a hosting plan from Bluehost, you will get a domain name absolutely free for 1 year.

Follow the steps and save your money on a domain name:-

STEP 1. Visit Bluehost page here.

            Click on the get started button

how to start a blog

STEP 2. Select a hosting plan

These are the four plans which bluehost have. 

You can go with the Basic plan which costs $2.95/month if taken for 36 months which is the best value.

Basic plan will be sufficient for you if you want to host only 1 blog and have limited budget.

But, if you can spend a little more then i will recommend you to go with Choice Plus plan which will let to host multiple blogs in future and with choice plus plan you will get free domain privacy.

Click on select to choose your plan.

STEP 3. Type your Domain name

If you already own a domain then type it in the second box mentioning “Use a domain you own”.

If you don’t have a domain, type a name which you like on the first box and click on to next to check availability.

If the domain will be available then it will go to the next step, if not you can try with a different name. You should have some names in your mind.

As we have already discussed about what is a domain name and criteria’s to  select a domain name, it should not be a problem.

STEP 4. Fill your account information

In this step you have to complete the registration process.

To complete registration you have to enter the information as shown in the image or you can signup using your google account.


STEP 5. Select your package

As you scroll down after filling your account information.

Here blue host will ask you about the package your package or duration you may say.

To get the best value for your money I will recommend you to go with 36 month.

But, if you are not sure about if you would like to continue after one year or not then you can select the 12 month plan which will bring down the price but won’t give you the best value.


As you can see your ‘domain registration’ is free.

Bluehost also provides free ‘SSL’ free which will make your site ‘http’ to ‘https’.

The ‘s’ in ‘https’ stands for ‘secure’ which is very important because whenever someone will visit your site the browser will tell them that this site is secure, which build trust among your reader.

STEP 6. Choose you package addons

Now, you have to choose which addons you want with your plan.

If you like you can tick the domain privacy protection because it protects your website from scammers  and untick rest of them because you don not need them.

Now will get your final pricingof your plan.


STEP 7. Make payment

Scroll down use your credit card/debit card to make payment or if you want want to pay through paypal  then click on more payment options.

Tick the terms and services button and then click on submit to make payment.

After the payment is done bluehost congratulates you for the successful purchase.

Now you can proceed to create your password.

STEP 8. Create your password

Click on create your password and.

Create a strong password then click on next .

Remember the password because it will be needed to login to your account

STEP 9. Login to your account

Click on go to login 

Type your domain name/username and enter the password which you have just created ans click on log in.

STEP 10. Install WordPress

The best thing about bluehost is that once you have made the the payment, bluehost will guide you through the rest of the process step by step.

From installing wordpress to selecting a theme everything is a matter of minutes.

You can select the theme you like and click on the start building button.

You do not need to worry because you can customize every thing after building the blog.

After complete all the steps.

Now, you wordpress blog is ready.

Create beautiful content and start promoting you blog.

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