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What is a Search Engine Evaluator:4 Best places to find Search Engine Evaluator jobs

Are you interested in Seach Engine evaluator jobs or you want to learn how to become a search engine evaluator and earn money online? then you are at the right place.

If you surf the internet a lot then it is possible that you had often found or experienced irrelevant results to your searches which is because the algorithms of search engines have some limitations therefore in order to cover up those limitations and provide a good experience to the user they need humans to judge them.

Search engine evaluator jobs are some of the few online jobs which gives you the opportunity to work with companies like google, yahoo, etc.

What is a search engine evaluator?

Search engines like google, bing, yahoo, etc are used by millions of people every day and these search engines are run by complicated algorithms which does have some limitations due to which many people like you and me often get results which are not relevant or different from what we have searched for.

This is where the a search engine evaluator comes in to play. Basically a search engine evaluator’s job is to make the search results better. Search engine evaluator provides feedback and rating according to the quality and relevancy of the search results

Like this a Search engine evaluator helps the search engine companies to manage the ranking of the contents or search results according to the guidelines provide to them

What are requirements to get a search engine evaluator job

To get a search engine evaluator job there the is not need of having any serious technical skills or knowledge, basically any person with good knowledge of internet can do these job.

  1. If you are willing to become a search engine you should best to give some time to the work because it takes some time to analyse and evaluate the content
  2. You should have good internet research skills.
  3. You should have a computer with a reliable internet connection
  4. You should always be updated with latest events and cultures.
  5. You need to pass a test taken by the companies to start working as a search engine evaluator
  6. You need to be good in English and other local languages in which most of the searches will be done in your country.

How much does a Search Engine Evaluator makes?

The earning of a search engine evaluator depends on the country he/she lives and the amount of time going into the work. But we can say that a search engine evaluator living in USA can make anywhere between $10 to $15 per hour.

Best places to find a search engine evaluator job

After going through a lot of research, here are some of the best and most popular companies that provide search engine evaluator jobs


Lionbridge is an American company that provides localization services. The company operates in 26 countries.

Lionbridge regularly posts home based search engine evaluator job. People work from all over the world on lionbridge.

To work an an evaluator on lionbridge you need to be good at English and a local language and having a computer and smartphone with broadband connection is also important.

You job is to analyse and provide feedback on relevancy of advertisement shown in the search results.

If you are interested you will have to pass an online assessment test taken by lionbridge.

The earning can vary on your location, for example a person living USA can easily make anywhere between $12 to $15.

You need to regularly visit their site in order to find a suitable search engine evaluator job for you.


Appen is one of the most popular Australian companies which provides online job opportunities to people like us who want work from home make some money.

Appen acquired another company which also provides search engine evaluator job named leapforce on 2017.

You need to be bilingual to work on appen and good in English.

There is no interview process with appen, you just have to pass the examination to work with appen for which you will be provided written instructions in pdf form which you need to follow while examination.

People living in US or UK can make between $10 to $15 by working as an search engine evaluator on appen.


Yes you can work for google as a search engine evaluator and make money.

Google calls this post as ad quality raters. To get a search engine evaluator job and work for google you need to have good communication skills and cultural knowledge.

You will have to provide feedbacks on all search results according to guidelines provided to you.

You will also be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement and work for the minimum required numbers of hours.

The pay will be decent and can be anywhere between $14 to $16 per hour(pay may vary from location to location).


iSoftstone also hires search engine evaluators often on their site.

Just like other companies you job as a search engine evaluator will be provide your feedback to the search results according to the guidelines.

In order to work with isoftstone you need to be a permanent US resident and capable of working 15 to 25 hours per week.

To get a search engine evaluator job and work with isoft you need to pass a series of tests.

You can expect to earn between $10 to $12 per hour

Pros and Cons

Every job have their own pros and cons and search engine evaluator jobs are not any different they also have some pros and cons let us know about some of them-

Pros of search engine evaluator jobs

  • You can work from home by staying in your comfort zone.
  • Boss free living
  • No requirement of any technical knowledge or skill
  • You get to learn a lot while doing the research which is a part of the job
  • You can work at you free hours

Cons of search engine evaluator jobs

  • No traditional job benefits
  • Finding a job gets difficult some times
  • Most of the companies will ask you to work for set number of hours in order to get paid.

Search engine evaluator jobs can be good side hustle for people who are looking for a passive income source to make some extra money and having more than one source of income is always better.

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