Top Transcription Jobs in 2020 to Begin Your Journey

Transcription jobs are the one of the best and easiest job online jobs for student, work from home moms and people looking for a side gig which will help them to money by working from home at their free time.

If you are a beginner and want to know about transcription and what does a transcriptionist do? How and where to get a transcriptionist job? You will definitely get your doubts cleared in this article.

Now let us know more about transcription.

What is transcription and what does a transcriptionist do?

Transcription is the process of converting an audio recording into written or text format is known as transcription, people who listen to this audio provided to them and converts them into text format are known as transcriptionist.

Types of transcription jobs

There are different types of transcription jobs related to a person’s experience and back ground

  1. Medical Transcription- as medical transcriptionist you will be converting medical reports dictated by physician to their patients or nurses which be given to you an audio format into text format. medical transcription jobs requires a good knowledge of medical terms.
  2. Legal Transcription- it the process of converting the recordings of legal proceeding, hearings, conversation of attorneys and clients into text format. This is the highest paying transcription jobs. It requires a good knowledge of law to do this type jobs.
  3. Financial Transcription- it is related to converting financial reports, business surveys and many other business related recordings which are in audio format into accurate and precise texts. It also requires some basic knowledge about different financial terms to perform these types of jobs.
  4. Technical Transcription- this type of transcription jobs include conversion of various technical multimedia content such as talks between technical experts from audio to text or document form. As a beginner you must have a technical background to this job.
  5. General Transcription- this type of transcriptionist job doesn’t require any specialized knowledge in specific field, as a general transcription you can convert any type of audio file provide to you into text.

Although general transcription jobs doesn’t pays you as much as the medical, legal, financial and technical transcription do but as a beginner general transcription is the best transcription job for you.

It is much easier to get and do a general transcription job because it doesn’t require any experience or transcription certificate before a company can hire you.

If you are good at typing, have good ears and comfortable with your computer you can easily start working as a general transcriptionist.

Some necessary requirements transcription jobs

These are some of the important requirements which necessary to start working as a transcriptionist-

  1. Computer
  2. Reliable internet connection
  3. A comfortable and good quality headphone
  4. A transcription certificate if you are willing to work as a medical or legal transcriptionist
  5. A PayPal account linked to your bank account

Earning potential

As a beginner you can expect a salary of $15 per hour, although your pay scale will not fully depend on your experience level but it depends mostly on the quality of your work which will you provide to your clients.

An advanced transcriptionist can earn about $25 to $30 per hour. Your earning will depend on your typing speed and number of working hours you are giving as a transcriptionist. You can easily earn more than $1000 from transcription per month if you work 2 to 3 hours per day.

Best places for online transcription jobs

make money doing transcription


You will be paid $0.085 to over $1 per audio minute on castingwords, your earning may vary depending on the type of work and experience level. CastingWord hire freelancers from many of countries.

Read their terms and conditions on rejection transcription before applying.


TranscribeMe is one of the most popular website to get a transcription job. To get started you have to fill a form and pass a test, joining is free on this website. The average pay ranges from $15 to $22 per audio. You can make more than $2000 per month on TrancribeMe.

Payments are made once in a week by PayPal

Daily Transcription

As a beginner you can make about $0.80 to $1 per month by doing transcription on daily transcription. You will need to pass a skill assessment test as well as a transcription test to start working. You should have a good typing speed.

Having an experience is not that much important to work on this website they also give work to newbies.


Rev is one of the most famous websites which provide transcription jobs for beginners in audio and video form. To start working for Rev you have to pass an online test. Rev is considered one of the best websites for transcription jobs because it provide training for new transcribers.

You can earn $0.40 to $0.70 for every audio minute of transcription. Payment are made once per week by PayPal.


GoTranscript is also one of the good websites for beginner transcriptionist which doesn’t look for any experience. You can start working by simply passing an online test but if you fail try again after few days.

You can expect to get $0.60 for per minute of transcription, payments are made weekly by PayPal.


At scribie you can start working as a beginner by passing a test as scribie don’t ask for a experience. The average pay on scribie is little less compared to other transcription websites i.e, $5 to $15 for per hour of audio transcription.

Scribie also provide little monthly bonuses to transcribers who show good performance. You can withdraw your earnings anytime through paypal.


Speakwrite is recommended if you are having little bit of experience in transcription jobs. You can earn $15 to $20 on Speak Write by doing legal transcriptions.

Having a specialization can increase your earning potential.

Advantages and disadvantages of working as a transcriptionist

Every work has its own pros and cons. Let us go through some of the advantages and disadvantages you could face while working as a transcriptionist.


Flexible schedule

Perfect for a passive income source

Increases your productivity

Minimum investment

Work from anywhere

Work from home


You will not have a working environment, you will be working alone

During some times of the year you may face difficulties in finding transcription works

Working from home can make you lazy

Clearing the transcription test could be a difficult task for some people


At last I want to conclude that transcription jobs are one of the best online earning ways. Hoping this information will help you get started as a transcriptionist by applying on any of these websites.

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