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What is Affiliate Marketing? How does affiliate marketing works: For Beginners

Looking for a legit way to make money online, Affiliate marketing is a great way of making money online from promoting the products which are not of your own.

Before we discuss what is affiliate marketing and how affiliate marketing works there are some basic things which you might like to know about affiliate marketing.

You don’t need to have any degree or technical knowledge to get start as an affiliate marker.

You don’t have to create a product of your own.

You just need to have a proper strategy to reach the potential audience in order to make money from it.

Although affiliate marketing is quite famous but if this term is new for you then don’t worry because every expert was once a beginner, by the way you will get to learn more about it from this article.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a very popular form of digital marketing which is similar to an refer and earn process but not that simple.

An affiliate marketer is someone who promotes or refers another person’s or companies products to the potential customers and earn a commission on every sales they make or whenever someone buys a product from their recommendation.

How does Affiliate Marketing Works?

To know how does affiliate marketing works you should learn that there are mainly 3 parties involve in this process which are-

1. The Seller

  • An individual or a company who is selling the product which can be a physical product, a digital product or services.

2. The Affiliate

  • Also known as the marketing partner of the seller reaches the potential consumer through a blog, a product review site, facebook ads and other social media platforms and try to convince them to make a purchase,
  • If the person ends up purchasing the product from an unique referral link given by the affiliate marketer and thus gets a portion of the sale in form of commission.

3. The Consumer

  • They are the target people of the affiliate which they influence through their blogs, websites, etc and convince them to make a purchase.
  • When a purchase is made by the consumer a part of the profit the affiliate earns as a commission. Therefore, we can say that the consumers are the drivers of affiliate marketing.
  • These are the parties which mainly involve in the affiliate marketing process.

Now, the chronology of how affiliate marketing works is-

A person looking for a product on internet and after going through the search results lands on an affiliate site.

After reading the product review and information the person gets convinced to buy the product and clicks on the link provided.

As the person clicks on the link he/she gets redirected to the merchant site and in this process a small file called cookie gets stored in their device.

(This cookie helps the merchant to keep a track on their affiliates and it also has an expiration time which allows the affiliate get a sales commission even if the buyer delays his/her purchase.)

The consumer finally makes the purchase and merchant pays out a commission to the affiliate.

How to Start Affiliate Marking as a Beginner?

If you are already having a niche based blog, a youtube channel or a niche based social media account then you can easily then you can easily find or join an affiliate programme and promote their products which are related to your niche.

Like this you can generate some extra money in form of passive income.

But as you are reading this blog it is more than likely that you are here, not only to learn what is affiliate marking or how does it work?, but also the chances are more that you don’t have a blog or a niche based social media account.

The most important part of affiliate marketing is to reach your target audience. For this purpose you need to choose a platform from where you can promote the products.

Affiliate marketers promote their products in a lot of ways. These are some of the most common ways or platforms which you can choose for your-self to promote your products.

A) Social media influencer- to become a social media influencer you need have a youtube, instagram, facebook or other social media account with good enough subscribers/followers.

As a social media influencer you can easily make some money from affiliate marketing by influencing people to buy the products you recommend to them.

B) PPC marketing– PPC marketing or pay per click marketing is a paid way to drive traffic from search engines to affiliate sites or products.

C) Create Email list- this is another way of doing affiliate marketing where bloggers or website owners built an email list over time and later use them to promote the products or services.

D) Start a blog- Starting a blog on a particular niche and writing product reviews under that niche is the best way to start your affiliate marketing journey.

Blog is still the cheapest, simple and yet very effective way to do affiliate marketing. You can get some quality organic traffic by doing proper SEO of you blog.

Among all the ways of doing affiliate marketing I will recommend you to begin with a blog because it is the most easiest and cheapest way to start your affiliate marketing journey.

Once you begin with a blog you will learn more eventually.

These are the Steps which a Beginner Should Follow to Start a Successful Affiliate Blog.

Choose a Niche

Choosing a profitable niche for your affiliate blog is the most vital part of your journey and this is how affiliate marketing works.

While you are looking for a perfect niche for your affiliate blog the most common tips which you will find on internet are-

  1. Choose a niche which you are passionate and interested about
  2. Choose a niche which is more specific
  3. Choose a profitable niche

Now, you need to understand that it is very difficult to find a niche which can satisfy all the three conditions.

You will find it more comfortable and easy to write about some-thing which you are passionate about because you have more knowledge about that niche.

On the other hand it is possible that the products related to your passion do not have any market, in that case your blog may not generate some good affiliate sales.

Some popular niches for affiliate marketing are-

  1. Tech niche
  2. Health and fitness
  3. Digital marketing
  4. Beauty and fashion niche

If your passion is more important, then you can start a blog on a niche you are interested about and you can still make money applying other monetization techniques while helping people.

Choosing a niche which is very narrow or more specific will help you to rank on Google but it can also become much harder to get more content ideas for your blog.

Lack of content ides will directly affect your consistency which is not good for a beginner.

So, it is recommended for a beginner to go with a niche which is not too broad and at the same time not very narrow, it should be somewhere between.

This can help you rank on Google while not getting out of content ideas.

For example- tech is a very wide niche, under the tech niche there are lot of categories like mobile tech, pc tech, audio devices, etc.

Let’s pick audio devices, again which can be further divided into micro niches like- blutooth headphones, bluetooth speakers, wired earphones, home theatre, etc….

Now in this case you can go with the audio devices niche because it is easier to rank when compared to tech niche and at the same time is not as narrow a blutooth headphone’s niche.

Therefore fulfilling both the criteria ie, easy to rank by targeting a specific audience and more content ideas.

Like this you can choose a perfect niche for yourself.

2. Build a website

As you might know that in order to start a affiliate blog you need to have an website.

Let’s keep it short because you will find a lot of detailed videos on youtube about building a website.

For instance these are the few step which you can follow to build your own website.

  1. Select a domain
  2. Buy hosting for your website
  3. Install wordpress
  4. Select a theme

3. Create SEO Friendly Content to Drive some Initial Traffic

When you are done with your niche selection and website setup it time to start making content.

Before you apply to any affiliate programme you should have some quality content on your website and some initial traffic.

Every affiliate programme have different requirements, if your website do not fulfil the requirements they application may get rejected.

Don’t get afraid of getting rejected because it is normal at the beginning.

To drive traffic to your site you need to post SEO friendly and relevant content which are related to your niche.

If people find your content relevant and helpful they will feel more connected.

SEO(search engine optimization) plays the major role in driving organic traffic because it helps to rank your content on google.

SEO is all about

Keyword strategies (using the most relevant keywords at different places of content)

Mobile friendliness of your content

Search intent

Quality content


Internal linking

Page speed, etc.

4. Join an Affiliate Programm

This is the most challenging part for a beginner because there are a lot of affiliate programmes out there.

Choosing the right affiliate programme can help you to get your fist income really quick.

You need to invest some time in this process to get the perfect affiliate programme which is related to the products which comes under your niche.

Affiliate programmes are basically of two types-

1. Affiliate networks- An affiliate network acts as an intermediary affiliates and merchant affiliate programmes.

An affiliate network allows you to find and apply to several affiliate programmes under one website and also help you keep the track of all the sales and updates.

Some of the best affiliate networks are

2. Individual Affiliate Programs– Many companies have their own affiliate program which you may not find on any affiliate networks and needed to be applied for separately.

Some of the best individual affiliate program are-

Amazon Associates

Survey Junkie

Etsy Affiliate programme


Every affiliate programme have their policies and ways to pay their affiliates, make sure you learn everything about them before applying to a particular affiliate programme.

5. Promote the Product

Once you join an affiliate programme you will get a unique affiliate link for every product or service.

Now, you can promote these products through your affiliate blog by inserting the links in between your content.

There a lot of ways of promoting these products through your blog like you can write product reviews or do comparisons.

You can also use social media platforms like facebook, intagram, pinterest, youtube.

There are also other ways like email marketing, guest posting and paid traffic which can also be used in promoting the products or services.

Although Affiliate Marketing take some time at the beginning to work, it is one of the best ways to monetise your blog or website.

As soon as you understand what is affiliate marketing?, and how does affiliate marketing works? You can start working.

To become a successful affiliate marketer you need to write good and SEO friendly content, choose the right programme and stay consistent(as we have discussed in this post).

If find our content helpful, you can also check our other make money ideas.

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